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Led by former prosecutor’s Co-Leading Attorney Lee Hyungchul and Min Kyoung-chul, the excellent teams of Law Firm Dong Gwang provides a wide range of legal services from criminal to civil, family, corporate and administrative cases. Each team member does not rant with exaggerated words but only focuses on presenting the client exactly what to aim and what to do in the given situation. Proving its ability and performance already, Dong Gwang has introduced a number of new teams in the year 2023 and they are the teams specialized in each field of real estate, drugs, educational administration, and internet defamation. 


The Team Real Estate

Kim Ki-seok (leader) and Kwak Woo-yeong

Real estate disputes involve a complex number of interests such as the client, contractor, pollinator, trust company, financial institution, and state agency. For this reason, the dispute often gets lengthy and sophisticated. It is an area that requires expertise in conservation procedures (foreclosures, preliminary injunctions) and cancellation of conservatory dispositions, appraisal procedures, enforcement and release of execution, auction procedures and allotment procedures. Dong Gwang’s dedicated real estate team has the highest level of expertise in real estate cases in Korea. In addition to professional legal services, the team responds nimbly to the trend of the real estate market, and collaborates with accountants, appraisers, securities firms, and asset managers to achieve the best results possible.


The Team Drugs

Park Ji-hyeon (leader) and Kim Chang-ju

There was a strong perception that South Korea was safe from drugs. However, due to the drug crimes that continued throughout 2022, the public’s anxiety is gradually increasing. Drug offenses are strictly punishable, and first-time offenders can also be sentenced to prison. In order to deal with the growing number of drug cases, Law Firm Dong Gwang has formed a drug task force. The manufacture and sale of narcotic drugs or psychotropic drugs is punishable by life imprisonment or imprisonment for no less than five years. Possession and use of psychotropic drugs, manufacture and sale of cannabis are punishable by imprisonment for no less than one year. If you take meth or poppy, you will be punished with imprisonment for up to 10 years or a fine of up to 100 million won. Drug crimes have a high recidivism rate and are likely to lead to secondary offenses, making it difficult to obtain suspended prosecution. In other words, even if you are involved in an unexpected drug crime, it is difficult to expect a leniency. “We have established a new drug task force to assist unjustly involved drug offenders from the earliest stages of the investigation so that they can receive probation. The outcome of drug crimes can vary depending on the client’s situation and how he or she pleads the circumstances after the crime, so it is very important to respond appropriately to the situation.” says the team.


The Team Educational Administration 

Kim Hyo-bin (leader) and Reu Ha-seon

The team covers not only educational administration but also school violence and faculty position. Professionals in this field should have an understanding of educational institutions and knowledge of characteristics of children and adolescents. Understanding of the Civil Service Law and the Private School Act must be preceded. As the policies and systems of the competent ministries change from time to time, it is important for professionals to check and deal with them promptly. The team consists of lawyers majoring in administrative law or holding a teaching certificate and a counseling psychologist license. “If the victim reports without preparation, they may be counter-attacked by the perpetrator for a poor report. What is important is the evidence at the time of the school violence. Victims need evidence to clearly prove the crime of physical and psychological harm. On the contrary, there are cases that they are often unjustly implicated as perpetrators and brought to justice. If you are unjustly involved as a perpetrator of school violence through a false or exaggerated report, you may receive negative stigma in the school, so it is a priority to get out of the charge as soon as possible.” advises the team.


The Team Internet Defamation

Lee Hyung-chul and Hwang Dong-woo

There has been a huge increase in people seeking libel lawyers for posting overly offensive posts online. Internet defamation is punishable if it is found to be libelous, performative, factual or false and victim specific. “There must be intent and slander. For example, if a consumer posts an excessively aggressive review or defames others after purchasing a product, this crime may be established and criminal penalties may be imposed. Performativity refers to posting on a bulletin board or cyberspace that can be viewed by several people so that an unspecified number of people can recognize it. In this case, the publication of facts or falsehoods is the part of determining whether the article is defamatory of the other party, and can be punished not only for falsehood, but also for stating actual facts. If you are sued for cyber libel, you are advised to seek review from a legal professional beforehand.” says the team. The team has many cases of handling numerous cyber insult and cyber defamation.


No matter the case, new teams take a deep sense of responsibility that each case is very important to the client. Throughout the entire process, they discuss and faithfully argue to reach the best possible outcome. 


This is why if you are looking for a lawyer who will sincerely stand with your client, you must remember Dong Gwang.

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