The luxury traditional sikhye (sweet rice drink) that has been handed down for the second generation: ‘Sundo Sikhye’ No preservatives, no coloring and no additives

The luxury sikhye created by 8-hour saccharification using an old traditional method spanning two generations: ‘Seondo Sikhye’ Explosive popularity with luxury taste but not sweet yet has a deep fla 신태섭 기자l승인2023.02.20l수정2023.02.20 12:13







Sikhye is a traditional Korean drink made by fermenting rice with water infused with malt, and is usually enjoyed as a dessert after a meal. Depending on your taste, you can add medicinal herbs, mugwort, jujubes, or pine nuts, and depending on the region, use pumpkin or lotus leaves instead of rice to make it sweet. Sikhye was once boiled down into grain syrup and used as a sweetener to give it a sweet taste, and also used as a digestive agent to soothe a tired stomach and intestines. The history of sikhye is so deep that it can be found in the literature of the Goryeo Dynasty. In the past, it was a beverage consumed in autumn and winter, but these days it has become a beverage enjoyed regardless of the season. Many of them are now mass produced rather than home-made. So, Sundo Food CEO Yeom Do-seon rolled up sleeves and is making it the way it was made for second generation, which attracts gourmets’ attention.


The luxury sikhye created by 8-hour saccharification using an old traditional method spanning two generations: ‘Sundo Sikhye’

Sundo Food has been manufacturing delicious and healthy traditional sikhye according to the old traditional method for two generations and providing it to consumers. 

It is made with 100% domestic rice and malt, and does not contain preservatives, pigments, or synthetic additives. In order to maintain the unique taste of traditional sikhye, CEO Yeom wakes up early in the morning and starts working in the traditional saccharification method. Sundo Food starts working early and soaks the malt for 8 hours followed by one more boiling after squeezing the malt to have deep malt water and good taste. The only automated process out of this manual work is puring the completed result into bottles. CEO Yeom said, “Temperature and fire are the core of everything. It is simple but difficult to taste, so after a long period of trial and error, I was able to find the taste.” 

As a result, only the sweetness of rice made purely through malt made  the great taste with minimum amount of sugar. Through a special manufacturing method, the rice grains are alive, so you can enjoy the plump grains of rice until you take the last sip.


Delivering the taste of freshly made sikhye to the hands of consumers

We will always be grateful to consumers who recognize our hardships

Sundo Sikhye is frozen at the same time as manufacturing, extending the shelf life to one year. It uses a method of rapidly cooling from hot to minus 40﹎, so the taste of the moment it is made is maintained intact. As a result of our reporter’s own tasting, the taste of malt that was rich without being sweet was the same as that of the sikhye made by our grandmothers a long time ago. 


We will develop various beverages including Yeoju tea

The goal is to deliver delicious and healthy traditional sikhye to as many people as possible

CEO Yeom established Sundo Food in 2021. After launching the first product, he made himself busy touring restaurants as a way of promotion and the market responded quickly. As a result, Sundo Food sikhye is found in many restaurants alongside meaningful sales online. 

Driven by that momentum, the company plans to launch a variety of products, the first of which is Yeoju Tea. The tea currently is being supplied in collaboration with a partner. Bitter gourd is a low-calorie food with 20kcal per 100g. It contains caratine and P-insulin, which act similarly to insulin in the body, helping to lower blood sugar. Many people avoid bitter gourd because of its bitter taste, but Sundo Food has succeeded in reducing bitter taste. 

CEO Yeom said, “I want more people to enjoy our healthy and delicious traditional sikhye. Our goal is to deliver the taste of traditional sikhye without preservatives to overseas.”

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