‘Harads’, embodying Sweden’s nature and sensibility Bringing ‘Forest Delivery Service’ to school for students

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The ‘Green Smart School’, a part of Korea’s Great Transformation Project, is to bridge the Digital New Deal and the Green New Deal. It aims to nurture the future leaders of the digital age in an eco-friendly, state-of-the-art classroom. In particular, Green Smart School aims to create a venue for community solidarity that can respond to climate change, environmental pollution, and population decline.

It is difficult for students to come into contact with the natural environment these days. They need an activity to touch and grow living plants with their own hands. This might be a reason that ‘Harads’, a hydroponic cultivation system that allows you to feel the beauty of nature indoors and grow plants conveniently, is attracting attention. 


Harads, the forest delivery service

Kosco Intercare stands out in the fields of medical device manufacturing and distribution, and online education platform. The company recently developed and introduced Harads, the forest delivery service. Harads is a product developed with the motif of the tree hotel in Harad, Sweden, and is a product that allows you to feel an eco-friendly water garden through DIY. 

Based on the area of 20 square meters, placing 3 to 5 flower pots with a leaf area of 1 square meter can reduce ultra-fine dust by 20% for 4 hours. CEO Park Seong-jae said, “While conceiving a product with the goal of improving health and indoor environment, I became interested in plants and developed Harads.” 

Children can feel the beauty of nature close and grow various plants themselves

Harads has recently attracted a great attention for educational purposes in schools. This is because children can grow and manage all the plants they want while feeling the beauty of nature up close. Unlike smart farm products equipped with numerous electronic control devices, Harads helps grow plants with affection and interest. CEO Park said, “As students do not have many opportunities to come into contact with plants, Harads are gaining a lot of popularity as a nature learning tool. Every student can grow their own plant from a seedling and take it home after the semester is over to continue caring for it.” 

Inside the water tank, there is water containing nutrients necessary for plant growth, and this water goes up to the top through the motor and flows down naturally to supply nutrients to the plants. Mineral components that cannot be covered by nutrient solutions are supplied by spraying the leaves sideways. The growth LEDs help plants grow quickly by emitting light of 450~650nm, which is the optimal condition for photosynthesis. In addition, since the light necessary for hydroponic cultivation can be irritating to people, a film for an anti-glare filter was covered on the surface of the LED light. 

It is also worth noting that hybrid balls are used instead of dirt. Hydride balls support plant roots and at the same time allow water to pass through to help absorb nutrients. Since it does not use soil that is easy to carry pests and diseases, it is possible to maintain a more comfortable environment with less fear of being exposed to pests and diseases. The product is made of safe materials used in children’s toys, so there is no concern about harmful substances such as endocrine disruptors.


Various products for school, business, and home use

Harads, which officially debuted on the market in December 2021, now has a wide range of products. The first is Harads Enda, which is a product with a customized size suitable for personal use. It can be used for planter, indoor farm, air purification, and natural humidification, and can plant up to 24 seedlings on a single 4-tier basis. For living rooms, conference rooms, and cafes, Haraj Tubel is recommended. It can be used for the same purpose as Enda and can plant up to 38 seedlings based on a 4-tiered double. It can also be directed through 360-degree rotation, so you can make and enjoy dozens of types of Harads as if you were assembling blocks.

Lastly, Harads Tripel is a product that can realize a slightly more diverse and rich green wall. It can realize a green wall at the minimum cost based on the same area, so it is optimized for realizing plant interiors in building lobbies, community spaces, large cafes, schools, and companies. It can plant up to 52 kinds of seedlings with 9 Harads steps based on 4 layers. 


Harads installed in schools, government offices, and 100 branches of Kookmin Bank nationwide

Kosco Intercare received favorable reviews by introducing its products at construction, franchise, education, and hospital equipment fairs alongside operating the ‘Harads Academy’. 

Harads are currently installed and operated in various schools, and government offices and companies are showing interest for indoor ornamental purposes. Harads were installed as rental-base in Siheung City Hall and 100 branches of Kookmin Bank and 5 schools in Gyeonggi-do. Through regular visit-management service, the company supports to keep the product in the best condition. In addition to Harads, the company is also engaged in medical device, cosmetic surgery, and education platform businesses. CEO Park said, “I hope that many people will be healed while relieving stress and breathing purified air through Harads. I hope that all who come into contact with Harads feel the beauty of nature and get positive effects and always be happy.”

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