Drone soccer opens a new trend of e-sports

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Drone soccer is a sports event using drones developed in Korea and is a game enjoyed by five players as a team. The drone used in the competition is equipped with a ball-shaped exoskeleton about 40cm in diameter. The drone becomes a ball directly and competes for points obtained by passing through the opponent’s circular goal hanging in the air. Among many drone sports, drone soccer was selected for a regional convergence sports industry discovery contest by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in July and August 2016. In 2017, a rule book for drone soccer was published, and a national drone soccer team inauguration ceremony (30 teams nationwide) was held. Currently, drone soccer is being actively played by clubs not only in Korea but also abroad, and Jeonju City aims to host the Drone Soccer World Cup in 2025. Players are from regardless of gender and age, from elementary school students to those in their 60s. 


Enjoy drone soccer anywhere without worrying about breakdowns

Drone soccer as an e-sport: Timatec TMDS

Established in 2018, Timatec is a company that researches and develops drone control system, drone AI platform, anti-drone evaluation system, and drone 3D simulation technology. 

Drones are already being used in various fields such as lifesaving, reconnaissance and surveillance, and agriculture. In the case of drone soccer developed in Korea, since the competition was held in 2017, the number of competitions held every year is gradually increasing. Overseas, competitions are also being actively held by clubs in France, Belgium, China, Japan, the United States, and Malaysia. 

Timatec has developed a drone soccer esports device by using 3D technology so that people can enjoy drone soccer more widely. Drone soccer is an exciting sport in which up to 10 drones fly all over the field. However, drones can be damaged during the game and there are not many stadiums nationwide for this emerging sport. Timatec’s TMDS product line removes these limitations with one on one simulation through dual screens. Device-to-device connection allows up to 10 drone soccer players to play 5:5 matches. 1 game lasts 3 minutes and players compete in a total of 3 games to see who wins. In the case of TMDS-5050, you can have a realistic drone soccer game with an 85-inch screen for relay broadcasting and a 50-inch screen for each player. Through this TMDS, Timatec conducted a drone soccer team test game in Jeonju City and it was evaluated as an efficient system for training. 


▲ Timatec / CEO Kang Seong-ho

Play anywhere anytime

Be a rising drone soccer star

Thanks to Timatec, you can enjoy drone soccer in many places, from schools to amusement facilities, indoor sports grounds, and hotels, as long as it is a space where devices and screens can be placed. In addition, TMDS can safely teach drone soccer even in places where there is no actual drone soccer stadium, and there is no need to manage drones, so the ability and work intensity required of teachers are low. An official of Timatec said “With the recent war in Ukraine, drones are becoming more important as a future high-tech force for the military. If soldiers enjoy drone soccer e-sports, it will also contribute to securing basic capabilities to handle drones easily.” 


Development of drone control systems and illegal detection tech

Timatec pushes forward drone soccer contents as an e-sport

Based on the understanding of QGround-Control, an open source drone ground control system, Timatec has developed a drone ground control system suitable for various missions. The company can customize industrial drones for various missions and is also researching and developing drone ground control systems for UAM. The company has also developed an AI platform for illegal inland water monitoring drones to monitor illegal fishing activity in water conservation areas. Real-time video surveillance technology using drones monitors illegal activities in the inland waters, and it is possible to patrol by automatically flying and broadcasting warnings using the drone control system. In addition, Timatec utilizes object recognition AI technology to perform missions for various purposes and has also completed a drone demonstration city project. The company also developed an anti-drone equipment test evaluation system. A company official said, “We will continue to develop drone soccer e-sports contents to vitalize the domestic drone industry and become K-Drone and K-Contents that can lead the global market.”

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