Charging box for quick and safe charging ‘Smart Access’ becomes a key equipment for Green Smart School

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Recently, the use of various smart devices in education is rapidly increasing. One smart device can contain hundreds of books and students rather seem to find it convenient unlike printed books. In particular, as the necessity of VR and coding education increases, the need for smart devices is even more enhanced. 

However, the fatigue of managing smart devices is also starting to increase. A charging storage company Smart Access, at this point, is attracting attention from the fatigue-affected. PowerKorea met CEO Im Ui-jae.


‘Smart Access’, a leader in charging storage boxes, achieves No. 1 in procurement sales of charging storage boxes in 2022

Smart Access, a leader in the field of charging storage, is a company that provides smart education solutions for devices and platforms. 

The company’s flagship product, the charging storage box, is rapidly rising in importance due to the recent increase in the use of smart devices in education. Smart devices such as laptops, computers, and tablets are easy to use and store a lot of data, but they require efficient management in charging. 

Smart Access is producing a charging storage box that can conveniently and safely charge these smart devices. The company selects and produces each part and provides the best products through differentiated technology. The company fosters excellent talents in the field and provides prompt and accurate maintenance. Thanks to this excellence, Smart Access was selected as the top company in procurement sales of charging storage boxes in Korea in 2022 and the best company in contract performance evaluation for 3 consecutive years. Not stopping there, the company is striving to develop products that are safer, more convenient and useful. 


PPS high-speed charging digests all charging standards and improves product durability by extending battery life 

Possession of Korea’s the only one ‘VR charging box’

‘Smart Access’s technology, product development, and perfect follow-up management are widely recognized in the market. The charging storage box is composed of laptop, tablet, Chromebook, Surface Go, and Whalebook chargers, as well as products that can charge all devices at the same time. Most products use the PPS fast charging function. PPS is a charging method that can digest not only Qualcomm Quick Charge (QC) and Samsung AFC/SFC, but also Apple’s charging standard that uses modified USB PD. It supports stable charging by adjusting the voltage and current according to the charging conditions of the device, and has the advantage of reducing heat generated from the terminal.

Another strength is that it helps extend battery life. In the case of smart devices for learning, if the battery life is reduced, the battery consumption is high even after charging is completed, resulting in a difference in usage time. Smart Access applied the PPS function to prevent battery performance deterioration. PPS is the latest fast charging technology added to the PD 3.0 standard and works seamlessly with the PD protocol. It has a protection circuit that prevents overcurrent, and it can safely store smart devices with a low-noise, overheating prevention ventilation fan.

The charging storage box for VR is produced only by Smart Access in the market. This is a VR-only charger that can charge and store VR HMD for education, and includes VR charging and storage, UV-C sterilization and locking device, safety-first design, and overcurrent blocking function. 


Launching new products that support high-speed charging for notebooks, tablet PCs, Chromebooks, and Wazebooks

Triple overcurrent safety device enhances stability, and slim design allows installation in a narrow space

Smart Access recently developed and launched a new product. This is a product equipped with a self-designed main board, and it charges all terminals from laptops to tablet PCs, Chromebooks, and Wazebooks at high speed. Using this, simultaneous mixed charging of up to 40 devices is possible, and the power is cut off after a certain period of time when each charging port is fully charged. Also, when the internal temperature exceeds 40﹎, the cooling fan automatically operates to cool the internal heat.

When an overcurrent occurs, the fuse breaker firstly cuts off the power, and secondly, the self-designed board cuts off the power. In addition, the power supply device attached to the rear side cuts off the power one more time. Currently, more than 40,000 Smart Access products have been distributed to schools nationwide, and no safety accident has occurred yet. 

This new product, which was released a month ago through the Public Procurement Service, has undergone many changes in terms of design. Because it is very slim and light, it can be installed effectively even in a cramped school space.


▲ Smart Access / CEO Im Ui-Jae

From sterilization with UV-C lamp to security and ease of use

Due to the recent outbreak of the virus, hygiene and sterilization are more emphasized in education facilities. Students are avoiding sharing learning aids with each other, and when sharing, disinfection and sterilization are carried out. In the case of smart devices for learning, more attention is needed in this situation because students have no choice but to share them with each other. The charging storage box of Smart Access, in this respect, can be charged and sterilized at the same time. With a buried design, UV-C lamps that are installed on each floor of the charging storage box, maximizes sterilization of all spaces without blind spots. In addition, it can sterilize Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, and Pneumococcus because it uses the high-quality far-ultraviolet UV-C method that is most effective for sterilization. Since the lamp automatically turns off after 3 minutes of sterilization, there is no need to worry about side effects caused by long-term sterilization. In addition, a T-model charger is provided so that charging can be done through C-type or 8-pin, and we have done our best in security and stability by using a domestic digital door lock and tempered glass. 


Signing up for product liability insurance worth KRW 500 million, the frist case in the field

Quick maintenance anywhere in the nation

Its strength is that it can be maintained and repaired quickly because it uses domestic parts and produces products in Korea. If a problem occurs with a product, cooperative stores across the country pay a visit within a few days. 

The partition for storing smart devices is made of flame retardant material and is safe in the event of a fire. The front tempered glass is highly durable and resistant to scratches, and the internal terminal can be easily checked with the naked eye. In addition, the soundproofing and dustproofing are good, preventing noise caused by charging and external dust from accumulating on the device during charging and causing problems. The slim and minimalistic design is highly space efficient, so it can be used anywhere in the office, library, or school. It has movable wheels and a handle, so it is easy to move.

Smart Access added trust by subscribing to product liability insurance worth KRW 500 million for the first time in the industry. CEO Im said, “Smart Access is a young company established with the idea of making the world’s best products that combine education and technology with experts in each field. We will always respect our customers and partners, grow together and move forward together. We plan to eye overseas markets in the future.”

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