Earthquake-resistant ceiling lightweight steel frame capable of in-ceiling management

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After the 2016 Gyeongju earthquake and the 2017 Pohang earthquake, the need to strengthen seismic design standards for buildings has emerged. In 2019, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport enacted and announced related laws through the ‘Seismic Design Standards for Buildings’. However, there are still insufficient measures for safe spaces.

Most of the currently constructed lightweight steel frames for ceiling construction were developed prior to the construction of various facility structures such as interior, firefighting, communication, and electricity. What this means is that it is a product that does not consider not only the issue of earthquake resistance standards, but also the load of interiors installed on modern ceilings and variously composed mechanical facilities and equipment such as spider webs. Therefore, apart from the economic costs that arise from this, it is necessary to take definite countermeasures to prevent various safety accidents that can be expected when using the existing lightweight steel frame structure.


Selected as one of the top 10 patents for commercialization excellence in Gangwon-do through safety, functionality and efficiency

The earthquake-resistant ceiling lightweight steel frame system developed by Jeong Min-si, CEO of Gonggan Tech, a technology company located in Gangneung, is attracting attention as a product that has improved the problems of the existing lightweight steel frame system. Unlike the earthquake-resistant lightweight steel frames currently developed and produced by most companies, this system is evaluated not only for its enhanced earthquake-resistant performance, but also for its safety, functionality and efficiency. Current seismic products on the market focus only on seismic performance to meet seismic design standards. However, with 25 years of experience in the field, CEO Jeong decided that earthquake resistance as well as solutions for safety and load were equally important. Thus, the use of YES Hanger, developed by the company, improved the workability of lightweight steel frame for ceilings, and facilitated the installation, maintenance, and management of various mechanical facilities and equipment. It is particularly noteworthy that the safety of the workers managed by the hanger’s balanced load support was secured. In addition, it is a plus factor that not only can the same construction method as existing products be applied, but also that it is compatible with existing products, enhancing workability and economic feasibility.


Seismic performance recognized by Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme seismic test

There have been safety accidents black spots due to irregular construction by workers or omission of work processes, but YES Hanger completely blocked them to prevent irregular construction caused by the constructor’s arbitrary work. Since the existing lightweight steel structure was developed solely for the construction of ceiling finishes, there were difficulties in installing, repairing, and managing various modern mechanical equipment systems. In order to cope with these problems, YES Hanger supports the balance load and allows the workers to select and apply the parts necessary for construction of work passages according to the needs of the site.

Thanks to this excellence, Gonggan Tech’s earthquake-resistant lightweight steel frame system has been selected as an excellent invention and venture startup innovation procurement product. It was also selected as one of the top 10 patents for commercialization excellence in Gangwon-do in 2021, and its seismic performance was recognized by Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme seismic test. Gonggan Tech was selected as a family company by the Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology in 2023, and the company has a strong will to research and develop construction safety products.

Modern buildings are gradually changing into convergence buildings installed with electricity, communication, machinery, firefighting, and the Internet of Things. In this regard, it is expected that the seismic lightweight steel frame system, which can not only prepare for various disasters but also protect the safety of the space, will gain more wings.

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