Woongin receives attention by strengthening the competitiveness of small and medium-sized interior companies

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According to the Construction & Economy Research Institute of Korea, the size of the interior market, which was 9 trillion won in 2000, was 27 trillion won in 2015, 41 trillion won in 2021, and is expected to grow 44.5% year-on-year to 60 trillion won in 2022. 

With large companies competing fiercely for the 60 trillion worth domestic interior market, competition for all-in-one interior covering furniture, materials, design and construction is in full swing.

Providing all-in-one interior with skilled professionals and excellent technology

Woongin Co., Ltd. (CEO Choi Seung-woong), an interior and remodeling company located in Inje, Gangwon-do, is a small but strong local company that seeks to strengthen the competitiveness of small and medium-sized interior companies through continuous R&D and innovation. 

Since its establishment in 2017, the highly skilled professionals of the company has provided differentiated all-in-one services from window production, interior design to construction and after-sales service with an excellent technique and years of experience in the field. 

Their main tasks are interior work, window production, facility installation, finishing, painting, wallpapering and interior work. 

Woongin is taking the lead in securing the price competitiveness against large companies by jointly purchasing wood, gypsum board, and insulation interior materials in large quantities in cooperation with  partner companies in Gangwon-do.

Woongin has developed and applied for a patent for an AI interior preview that allows small and medium-sized interior companies in Gangwon-do to set up booths in a VR space and allow ordinary people to visit the booths and see it in advance. 

CEO Choi Seung-woong said, “In the interior market where large companies are dominant, we are targeting a niche market by enhancing competitiveness through joint purchases with partners, direct production, and new technology development. In particular, because of Woongin’s 10-year warranty and conscientious and honest construction, word of mouth is spreading among customers. In order to meet these expectations, we will pay special attention to improving construction quality and follow-up maintenance.”

▲ Woongin / CEO Choi Seung-woong

Increasing customer satisfaction through direct window production and construction, direct construction team, and high-quality construction

Woongin is enhancing its competitiveness by directly producing and constructing energy-efficient windows and doors. Experts equipped with long experience and know-how are producing and constructing various types of windows tailored to the purpose of space. 

Woongin’s direct construction team, in particular, conducts meticulous and systematic window and glass interior construction and provides high-quality finish and satisfaction. 

Meanwhile, since 2018, Woongin has been participating in the ‘Energy Efficiency Improvement Project’ of the Korea Energy Foundation in Cheorwon, Yanggu, Goseong, Sokcho, Inje, and Hongcheon, Gangwon-do. This project aims to improve the heating performance of old houses and replace worn-out windows, insulation, and wallpaper so that the vulnerable can spend a warm winter. 

Woongin, which reinvests most of its profits in R&D and business, has departments dedicated to interior architecture and has obtained a management innovation main biz and a venture business certification. 

CEO Choi said, “We will become a company that can spread good influence with our business philosophy that values people the most. We are also envisioning a social contribution project that can support the descendants of veterans and independence activists.” 

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