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▲ Dongaknua / CEO Soyoung Joung

Harmony between ballet music and jazz: ‘Maum Ballet Music’

Soothe people’s hearts with uplifting & soul concerts

Dongaknua (CEO Soyoung Joung) is one of the rare entertainment companies in Korea that values the harmony of jazz and classical music. The company focuses on music and music planning, production, distribution, copyright business, as well as artist management and performance planning. 

Recently, the company has been focusing on the ‘Maum Ballet Music’ which is created by harmonizing ballet music and jazz, as its main content. This is a healing content designed by composer and art planner Soyoung Joung for modern people. In 2022, Jeong put a great effort into popularizing ballet music, including LP albums, art convergence performances, broadcasts, and concerts, and through concert planning, she brought ballet music closer to the public. ‘Maeum Ballet Music Starlight Concert’ is an album that vividly captures the music performed live with the audience at cafe Troy on November 25, 2022. Jang Bo-young, a member of Dongaknua who participated in the album, is a jazz pianist and composer who studied performance at Berklee College of Music in the U.S. Artist Choi Jeong-wook, who joined as a special guest, is a crossover cellist who works as a soloist in Woongsan, Malo, Japanese guitarist ‘Goro Ito’ album, NHK drama local recording, and several Korean film music. 


WJ Donga Broadcasting Practical Music Academy, Dongaknua Publishing, and Western Dance Music Institute as affiliates

Scholarship to Wonju Happy Homes and Multi-cultural Family Support Center

WJ Donga Broadcasting Practical Music Academy has a variety of curricula ranging from hobby courses for leisure activities to entrance examinations and specialized courses, while providing both jazz-type practical music and classical music classes. All classes are taught by instructors one-on-one, and students can improve both basic musical concepts and professional practical skills. 

Dongaknua Publishing publishes music books composed of its artists’ songs and educational books for music major students. 

The Western Dance Music Institute is a non-profit organization that gathers musicians and related artists to study and develop dance music suitable for the 21st century. CEO Joung said, “The Institute was established to prepare new indicators of creative and efficient dance music that can best reflect the upcoming era with the goal of researching and revitalizing Western dance music.” The Institute publishes papers and academic journals, supports new dance music knowledge, and fosters dance musicians. In addition, it is planning to host domestic and international master classes, contests, and overseas expansion.

In 2021, it provided a scholarship to Wonju Happy Homes and Multi-cultural Family Support Center so that children in need also can grow as talents. Through these achievements, Dongaknua was selected as a beneficiary of the Arirang Media TV overseas export content company manpower support, the Ministry of Employment and Labor’s youth digital job project, and the K-non-face-to-face voucher platform.

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