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▲ YJ Factory / CEO Park Yoon-joo

Sincerity and honesty with divided labor

YJ Factory where brilliant ideas overflow

YJ Factory specializes in on/offline social media channel operation / campaign, promotion planning and progress / promotional video production / webtoon content / power blog, Instagram, YouTuber influencer marketing and content affiliate marketing. 

All tasks in the company are divided and subdivided department by department to secure efficiency. All processes from project planning to filming, editing, and production are carried out in-house. As many people as possible attend the meeting to propose various ideas, and through this process, marketing contents are brought up on the table. In the in-house studio, these contents are directly filmed and edited. 

The strengths of YJ Factory are ‘sincerity’ and ‘honesty’. Each member of the team works diligently and honestly. CEO Park Yoon-joo said, “There are so many companies specializing in marketing, and it is not easy to survive among them. The most certain reason we were able to survive is because of ‘sincerity’ and ‘honesty’.” Thanks to this, we can hear the saying, “There are clients who have never worked with YJ Factory, but there are no clients who have signed a contract only once.”


Obtaining Family-Friendly Company from Ministry of Gender Equality and Family in 2019 and 2022

A company where employees can be happy

More and more companies practice work-life balance. The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family also supports women who have taken a career break due to childbirth by issuing Family-Friendly company certification that comes with incentive package to the company and with plus points to participate in the government projects. YJ Factory was certified in 2019 and 2022. CEO Park said, “In 2019, when we first received certification, there were more singles than married in the company. I was looking for a way to work long term with my employees and came across this certification.” 

The company has expanded flexible work, telecommuting, and in-house welfare, and is encouraging employees to travel with their families by allowing them to use up to nine days of vacation, including weekends. Thanks to this, the usage of paid holiday in the company is over 95%. CEO Park said, “I will keep expanding the welfare so that my staff can have more time of rest and refresh.” 


Winning grand prize at 2021 My Neighborhood Character Award

Creating its own brand platform

YJ Factory has direct production certificates for software, videos, and event exhibitions. Also as a company registered with the Public Procurement Service, it is doing brand marketing with government offices. The company recently opened a business unit in Daejeon and is engaged in live commerce, shopping mall operation, and sales marketing.

The company is doing blog marketing, corporate marketing, event and content marketing, experiential marketing, viral marketing using supporters, social media marketing, video production, and on/off marketing. 

In 2021, the company won the grand prize at the ‘2021 My Neighborhood Character Award’ for marketing the character ‘Suwoni’ of Suwon City, and since then, has managed the character marketing for the Seoul Metropolitan Council and the Korea Ceramic Foundation.  CEO Park said, “We are a company that is strong in content. We have achieved advertising results with media and marketing plans that fit the trend. Our goal is to leverage these strengths to create our own brand and platform. We will directly promote the products and platform services that we have planned and created and grow together with various companies and institutions.” 

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