AIDOT breaks down the walls of medical infrastructure with remote examinations and AI

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▲ AIDOT / CEO Jeong Jae Hoon

Breaking down the limits of medical infrastructure with AI

Cervical cancer remote reading AI system, Cerviray AI

Founded in 2014, AIDOT (CEO Jeong Jae Hoon) is an AI medical healthcare solution company that applies AI to medical care to overcome obstacles such as cost, facilities, and manpower. Providing opportunities to live in medical infrastructure without any worries. 

‘Cerviray AI’ developed by AIDOT is a cervical cancer remote diagnosis AI system that screens for cervical cancer through the Visual Inspection with Acetic acid (VIA) method. 

Mainly, there are three methods for cervical cancer screening , which are Cytology, HPV test, and VIA test. Among them, Cytology and HPV tests require the establishment of a human/physical infrastructure of professional labs and pathologists, and cost inconveniences for the delivery of cell samples. For this reason, it is difficult to perform cervical cancer screening easily in developing or third countries where there are many places which medical infrastructure is not equipped. 

On the other hand, the VIA test is a visual inspection method in which acetic acid is applied to the cervix and enlarged images are taken to morphologically determine whether or not there is an abnormality, so it does not require infrastructure, and inexpensive and rapid examination is possible.  However, this test was only possible in a limited area because the test result was subjective compared to other test methods as it was inspected only with the naked eye, and the training difficulty of the reading doctor was high. 

Cerviray AI, developed to supplement the limitations of the VIA method, secured objectivity with AI technology that learned the subjectivity of test results through big data’s machine learning while maintaining the advantages of being inexpensive, simple, and fast in VIA screening. 

Through joint research with Korea University Anam Hospital and Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, the know-how of domestic obstetrics and gynecology professors was reflected in AI. Also, called as CerviAID, an algorithm developed by AIDOT specialized in cervical cancer diagnosis was applied. Through the algorithm, not only total four-step classification that informs the risk of cervical cancer is possible, but also able to detect abnormal locations of the cervix by using Cerviray AI.


Remote examination by a professional doctor is possible

To become a leading global medical AI company that contributes to improving the health of people around the world

Another strength of Cerviray AI is that it is possible to remotely connect a professional reading doctor to evaluate the patient’s condition. This can solve the difficulty of training a doctor who can read the cervical image, and also realizes a non-face-to-face remote solution even when a patient undergoing cervical cancer screening and a reading doctor are remote from each other, so that medical infrastructure cannot reach but still able to proceed with the examination. 

Through these functions, Cerviray AI was recognized for its excellence by measuring 98% of sensitivity and 91% of specificity in AI algorithm performance in clinical reports for approval by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Jeong Jae Hoon, CEO of AIDOT, said, “When the commercialization of the product started in Korea, I heard that a woman in her 20s was screened with Cerviray AI and was diagnosed as early cancer and was able to start treatment right away. It was very meaningful that we could contribute to the patient’s life as she could be directly connected to treatment.  Cerviray AI is currently being commercialized in various countries such as Indonesia, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, the Philippines, and Vietnam. In particular, AIDOT recently participated in the Indonesian Society of Gynecological Oncology through Cerviray AI, won the Director’s Award of Gangwon Techno Park, and was able to achieve the results of registration with the Vietnamese Ministry of Health and FDA approval. In addition to Cerviray AI, AIDOT has developed SONO dot AI, an AI carotid artery ultrasound stroke screening system, NAO dot AI, which predicts cerebral aneurysm rupture based on 3D angiography, and GIGA dot AI, which diagnoses gastrointestinal/colonoscopy in real time. Commercialization of BIO dot AI, a diagnostic solution for alcoholic liver disease, is also planned. 

In addition, in 2023, AIDOT plans to enter the US market in earnest through FDA approval. Regarding the content, AIDOT CEO Jeong Jae Hoon expressed his aspirations, “We will be reborn as a leading global medical AI company that can contribute to the health promotion of people around the world by creating a world where we live together rather than simply pursuing profits.”

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