Innovative oil saving solution, ‘MOTORHEAD-A’

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‘MOTORHEAD-A’ : ‘Engine output UP, fuel consumption DOWN’

Established as a ‘Startup’ in January of 2018, ‘MOTORHEAD’ is a company that has worked on engine performance parts and came up with ‘Motorhead-A’ which improves automobile output and saves energy at the same time, restoring the overall condition of the vehicle.  ‘Motorhead-A’ is a product that can be easily installed on most of internal combustion engines of automobiles and it makes remarkable difference on engine performance when installed on diesel vehicles, which are conventionally equipped with a turbo type power booster. In the process of compression of the piston cylinder in the engine, a ‘minute gap’ is created between the cylinder and the piston. If the unexplosive mixture is released into the atmosphere through the gap, it becomes environmental pollution. To prevent this from happening, there is a tube that sends the unexplosive mixture back to the intake side, and that’s where ‘Motorhead-A’ should be installed inside the tube in order to increase intake efficiency and improve output at once. CEO Sim Hyun-sup said, “It is called blow-by gas that returns to the intake side of the PCV line. It is a product that facilitates this blow-by gas.” The PCV line is a device that recirculates this blow-by gas, and circulation cannot be performed smoothly by using a pipe only.  So, in the process of explosion and compression to drive the engine, the pressure is lowered through the gap between the piston and the tube, and since the engine’s explosive power alone can drive the car sufficiently, it is usually possible to bear all that much of loss and conservatively operate the engine.  This is for the consumers who prefer to eliminate potential problems in advance since most of consumers are not good at keeping up with basic mechanical check up and maintaining their vehicles in regular basis. ‘Motorhead-A’ is a product that helps to increase engine output by reducing the amount of unnecessary loss. Motor head A enhances the generation of blow-by gas by lowering the pressure of the engine itself and completely blocks the back-flow of blow-by gas. Therefore, it fundamentally improves performance deterioration and prevents aging of engine oil due to carbon adsorption inside the engine. In fact, as a result of testing with the ‘Kia Stinger 2.0T’gasoline 2018 engine vehicle, the horsepower of the vehicle got increased by 14.3 horsepower from 249.6 horsepower to 263.9 horsepower, and the torque also got increased from 28.9 kgf.m to 30.7 kgf.m.

▲ MOTORHEAD / CEO Sim Hyun-sup

Reducing fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, ‘Motorhead-A’ can be easily installed by anyone once instructed ,but installation by expert is also recommended.

‘Motorhead-A’ increases output by reducing vibration and resistance by gently rotating the engine. Thanks to this, the output is spared and the fuel consumption is also saved. Based on a 1-ton truck operation, about 164,000 KRW ($126.54) per 10,000 km was saved, and above all, key-point of this data shows that fuel consumption is reduced, and carbon emissions are also reduced remarkably,making diesel engines more eco-friendly in daily use.

In addition, soot, one of the main problems of diesel engines, is typically caused by incomplete combustion of the engine, and  ‘Motorhead-A’ can reduce PM(Particulate Matter) as much as it reduces incomplete combustion. Usually, these products have a strong image of requiring professional tuning, but  ‘Motorhead-A’ is made for all ordinary people with every type of vehicle, not just for professional tuners only. However, the CEO, Mr.Sim says “Even if a customer thinks their vehicle is in perfect condition, there are often times some unexpected problems occurring, which in most cases, the customers are not aware of. Bearing that in mind, we at MOTORHEAD, would like to have you visit us and let us check the condition of your vehicle at your convenience.” Currently, ‘Motorhead-A’ has been installed and experienced by numerous consumers through the last few rounds of funding and continues to receive rave reviews from those who have directly seen and experienced improved output.  MOTORHEAD plans to develop and launch a solution that monitors the vehicle and optimizes its condition by developing software. Regarding future plans, CEO Sim said, “I hope that many people would get the benefit of using our products with their vehicles without spending a fortune. We’re always willing to receive feedbacks from our customer and keep trying to improve our product to be better. In the long run, as domestic cars are getting recognized with good reputation worldwide, we, at MOTORHEAD, are also hoping to achieve the same recognition with our own products in overseas as well as having continuous success in Korea”

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