Introducing the world’s first ultra-high temperature industrial waste incinerator

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▲ Shinhwa High Tech / CEO Park Seong-jin

Walking a single path in the plant industry for 40 years through technology development and creative mind

Shinhwa High Tech CEO Park Seong-jin has walked a singled path in the plant industry for 40 years through technology development and creative mind. He felt very sorry that the environment was polluted in a vicious cycle of landfilling industrial waste and hazardous substances in the ground without completely eradicating them. In the meantime, he came up with an idea, “It would be nice to use water instead of refractory insulation.” 

In 2019, a person came to his factory and said, “All you have to do is boil water and insulate it with steam. If you provide a place, I will try to develop it.” So Park offered him a place. However, he was a fraud and Park was forced to dispose of the plant, wasting time and money. Nevertheless, Park succeeded in developing the world’s first ultra-high temperature industrial waste incinerator with his lifelong experience and persistence in the plant sector. 


High-efficiency ultra-high-temperature industrial waste incinerator using water, fire, and wind

CEO Park has been working on power plant construction for over 40 years, and built hydrogen pipes in the hydrogen research building of Ulsan Techno Park for several years. As a new and renewable energy expert, he has been researching and developing hydrogen piping, hydrogen water generators, system electric boilers, heat medium boilers, and wet hot air machines. In February 2022, he applied for a patent for ‘complete combustion incinerator for polymer and industrial waste’. Park, who completed the development of the world’s first ‘ultra-high-temperature industrial waste incinerator’, said “The boiler can treat a large amount of industrial waste and polymer waste. This is a high-efficiency ultra-high-temperature industrial waste complete combustion incinerator (ultra-high-temperature industrial waste incinerator) that uses water, fire, and wind, and is a boiler that is close to zero dioxin.” This incinerator gives more than 5 times the flight time compared to general incinerators, maintains ultra-high temperatures with oxygen in the air, withstands ultra-high temperatures sufficiently by insulating with water, and can produce a large amount of steam. In general, in Korea, an incinerator that raises a high temperature of 1,100 ﹎ or more is recognized as an ultra-high temperature incinerator. As a result of the incineration test of waste tires, Shinhwa High Tech’s incinerator was confirmed to have an ultra-high temperature exceeding 1,800﹎. (It is difficult to obtain industrial waste, so it is tested with waste tires). Nowhere else in the world can you find the result of zero dioxins based on emission test standards with existing incinerators. However, the incinerator developed by Shinhwa High Tech received a dioxin level of 0.000 from the government certification agency ‘UNIST’ and completely burned the waste tires without smoke. 


Efficient, simple and groundbreaking low-cost boiler

Park has completed the development of an industrial waste incinerator that is efficient, simple, groundbreaking, and cost-saving, and is seeking commercialization through the government and technology research institutes. He said, “Even if we want to incinerate industrial waste and polymer waste generated by numerous domestic companies, legally, companies cannot independently supply industrial waste. In addition, in the incinerator manufacturing plant, it is urgent to improve the system in a situation where waste supply and permitting are difficult.” He expressed his belief that he would develop a 3,000﹎ ultra-high temperature incinerator with higher temperature efficiency than the currently developed 1,800﹎ incinerator by establishing a factory through government support and investment. Park expects that Shinhwa High Tech will lead the field through continuous research and creative mind and contribute to making a better environment and earth. 

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