High-performing power strip that saves electricity bills and keeps safety

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A power strip, which allows multiple plugs to be connected to a single power socket, is a must in modern life. However, if too many electrical products are plugged into the power strip, excessive use of rated current, poor contact of the plug, and disconnection due to tension in the electric wire may occur. Dust can also accumulate in the hole and cause a fire. Considering fire accidents by these causes increase rapidly in winter and summer when the amount of electronic product usage is high, the use of a safe power strip is essential.


Electricity saved by checking the amount of current used

Intelligent power strip made with domestic technology

KwangMyung Electric has been producing power strips for the past 15 years and is making various related products. One of them, the intelligent power strip, is the only one in Korea that displays the amount of current in real time. It is also possible to check the standby power consumed when the electric device is not operating. Standby power is electricity consumed even when the appliance is not in use. Since about 3,000 won is wasted on standby power for a month from one product, the amount of electricity wasted increases as the number of electronic products increases. It is recommended to turn off the power to save electricity bills, but it is difficult to do so for frequently used electronic devices or TV set-top boxes. However, thanks to Kwangmyung Electric’s intelligent power strip, standby power can be checked, so it is possible to check wasted power and save electricity at the same time.


▲ KwangMyung Electric / CEO Song Mi-soon

Perfect preparation for safety issues

Overcurrent warning and power off

Intelligent power strip is safe. It has an overcurrent warning function, so when the current used is over 16A, an alarm sounds and the power supply is automatically cut off. Overcurrent is the main cause of fire accidents. In the case of a power strip, in particular, it is easy to become overcurrent or overload because many electronic devices are plugged in and used together. A functional power strip, however, prevents fire by cutting off the power supply as soon as an overcurrent or overload occurs. A smart strip with similar functions easily grasps the amount of power used in real time and displays the amount of power used in three stages with LED traffic lights. KwangMyung Electric CEO Song Mi-soon explained, “First green, then yellow, and if 2800kw is used, the red light comes on, the buzzer sounds and it turns off automatically.” The warning buzzer displays 4 repetitions of 3 seconds of alarm and 2 seconds of silence, and through this, you can check the amount of power used and prevent accidents. 


Up to 3,800W power acceptance

Everything from small air conditioners to heated appliances can be used

The company’s high-capacity power strip can handle power up to about 3,800W. Thanks to this, you can use everything from small air conditioners to heating devices. It can accommodate up to about 3,800W of power, so it is somewhat free from fire hazards. Of course, there are preparations in case it goes beyond that. It is equipped with a circuit breaker so that when the allowable current is exceeded, the power is automatically cut off. Its safety cover also prevents sudden power cuts which is one of causes for fire accidents.


From function to design

Various products with USB power strip

The company’s USB power strip has two USB charging ports, so you can easily supply power to your mobile phone, tablet PC, or auxiliary battery. The slow/fast charging port is divided to prevent malfunction due to overcurrent charging. The INN2023K chip was used for the charging circuit, and the reliability of the quality was increased by designing and producing it in the Inni&B Research Institute. In addition, the company manufactures and sells grounding 4, 5, 6-type multi-strip, individual grounding 4, 5, 6-type multi-strip, heart strip, wireless multi-strip, outlet, and switch/plug/safety cover. In particular, the heart strip is a product with excellent design and safe production. 


Human-centered management

Fulfilling social responsibility by creating jobs

KwangMyung Electric’s products have been registered with the Public Procurement Service and are being delivered to Yongsan Electronics Market. In particular, the display of ampere on the power strip is not even done by large companies but KwangMyung Electric is the first in the case. For CEO Song, the most important thing in management is human relations, and the company has grown based on this. CEO Song said, “When I was young, I received support from the district office and received help from the state. Children’s tuition was also subsidized. That’s why I pay a lot of attention to the salary and welfare of our employees.” The development of KwangMyung Electric continues to fulfill its social responsibility by creating jobs while protecting domestic electricity safety. 

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