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▲ Refreshing Home Organizing Lab / CEO Kang Ji-won

Autumn is over and winter is coming. It is time to put the fall clothes in and take out the winter clothes.  However, when we organize things, we often get confused what to do first, middle and last. Even when we watch videos on YouTube, we still have no idea what that means. If we feel this way, we might want to call a specialist. 


The point of organizing is to make it visible

Organizing generates saving

Kang Ji-won, CEO of Refreshing Home Organizing Lab, is helping people how to makes things organized especially regarding clothes, kitchen and fridge. When organizing clothes, CEO Kang recommends hanging them on a hanger rather than putting them in a chest of drawers. The reason why you have to hang it on a hanger is to avoid hassles when using it. Kang says “If you know what clothes you have, you can also save money by not buying the same or similar clothes you already have.” In the case of the kitchen, it is recommended to organize the upper cabinet, the lower cabinet, the sink, the gas stove area, the refrigerator, and the food storage cabinet in an orderly manner. When putting things in, put the heavy things at the bottom and the light ones at the top, and put the things you use frequently according to your height, and put the things in the front low and the things in the back high. In the case of the refrigerator, place frequently eaten side dishes in an easy-to-reach place, and fill the frequently opened door compartment with sauces, beverages, and dairy products. It is important not to stack the vegetables in the fresh room, but to store them vertically using a zipper bag. Whether it is the freezer or the refrigerator, if we do not see it, the food is forgotten. “If you can’t see it because it’s wet, you can put a label on it to see it.” 


Ask a professional

Fostering organizing experts

Kang says “If you can’t do it, it’s better to leave it to the experts than to stress it out.” CEO Kang worked as a civil servant for 34 years. After retiring, while organizing books at home, Kang realized importance of the way we put things in order which led to a business. Refreshing Home Organizing Lab offers not only customized organizing services but also knowhow of how to organize. Kang is also nurturing experts in the fields. To this end, Kang has registered for a private qualification and is providing both theoretical and practical training. As the proportion of virtual space gradually increases in our lives, the digital space in computers and mobile devices has become as important as the space we actually live in. CEO Kang’s ‘Digilog’ suits this purpose very well covering from computer to smartphone. 

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