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▲ Innotec Korea / CEO Jeong In-ho

The survey in the domestic construction sites is experiencing difficulty due to lack of experts in the field. As construction methods are being diversified, the demand for high quality survey by experienced professionals is higher than ever. In other words, in order to apply newly discovered methods to the construction site, experts who can embrace both existing and new technologies are needed. Amid this increasing market demand, there are companies that specialize in measurement-related consulting and provide services closely related to the site to achieve high-quality implementation of construction. Innotek Korea is doing its best to grow into a company specializing in soil and geology by gathering excellent technicians with expertise, technology and knowledge.


Leading domestic construction sites with excellent technology

Eco-friendly and economical ASG and smart helical pile methods

Innotek Korea is a company founded by excellent engineers with expertise in construction sites and provides construction and civil engineering services. Since its establishment in 2010, the company has managed civil engineering design, safety diagnosis, underground safety impact assessment, earthwork, boring, grouting, pavement work, reinforced concrete, water supply and sewerage, and scaffold dismantling work at about 70 sites nationwide. The sites include Busan Eco Delta City Zones 2-5 (the deepest in Asia at 58m), Eco Zone 3-3, Myongji Organization, and Incheon New Port Songdo, where Korea’s first refractory PBD method was applied. Innotek Korea is actively discovering excellent technologies. One of them, Auto Grouting System, a new disaster prevention technology, is a construction method that can automatically implement each field of investigation and design, construction monitoring, effect confirmation, damage measurement, and data accumulation. Grouting is a method of forcibly injecting fillers such as cement into cracks in buildings or masonry, cracks in rocks, and permeable strata. In the past, there were many errors due to manual work carried out during excavation work and temporary retaining facility construction. However, through the AGS method, it is possible to perform grouting accurately with a minimum margin of error by introducing a high-safety, high-quality, and high-efficiency automatic management technique. In addition, Innotek Korea is leading the industry in the field of treating soft ground. The company has a PBD MASTER 3D construction system that can grasp the construction status of Plastic Board Drain in real-time 3D. Through this, the company has a record of leading in various fields, such as 68m deepest construction in Korea and Asia. In addition, the company discovers eco-friendly and economical construction methods such as the smart helical pile method and applies them to design and construction to provide optimized solutions, resulting in very high customer satisfaction. Innotek Korea is currently conducting underground safety competency evaluations for three cases of Dongnae Hot Spring Park, Dongnae Historical Park, and Sasang Park among five special park projects in the Busan area, and is also researching AI measurement fields for future industry development. 


Utilization of eco-friendly recycling method for ESG 

Continuously participating volunteer activities

Innotek Korea is taking the lead in creating an advanced construction culture by adopting a corporate survival strategy for the coexistence of the environment and the future in line with the recent ESG management trend blowing in the business world. The company designed, constructed, and recycled an eco-friendly P.S.P (Plastic Sheet Pile) method using recycled plastic that does not elute harmful substances to save resources and prevent environmental pollution. The PSP method is 20% cheaper than the existing steel sheet pile and uses recycled plastic with excellent efficiency, so both eco-friendliness and economy are saved. The company is also conducting an environmental clean-up campaign with the participation of employees and environmental volunteer groups when opening construction sites. This year, on October 28, they held a flogging event in the area of Noksan Water Gate Park and conducted an interview with an ESG specialist. About 30 officials from the Ministry of Environment and CEO Jeong In-ho were present for this flogging. Innotek Korea is actively carrying out activities to contribute to and share with the local community through scholarship, donation and activity sharing. In particular, in October of this year, the company donated 1,000kg of rice to Yangsan Welfare Property along with the Korea Federation for Environmental Movement Headquarters, Geumjeongsan National Park Promotion Headquarters, and Korea Federation for Environment Movements. As part of this effort, employees, including CEO Jeong, completed the ESG expert training course hosted by the International Management Center of the Federation of Korean Industries and obtained qualifications.

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