Extending fire site golden time from 5 minutes to 20 minutes

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November this year. Among them, 22,752 fires occurred in buildings and structures, and 4,280 fires occurred in vehicles and subways. Nearly 27,000 fire accidents have occurred within the radius of our daily lives, threatening the lives and property of citizens. The reason why many people lose their lives due to fire accidents is that many people think that they die because they are angry with the fire itself. However, looking at the actual situation, this is completely different from the truth. Of the 290 people who died from fires from January to November, 24 people died from burns, and even if you add up all the people who may have died from the fire itself due to multiple or unknown causes, less than 100 people died. In fact, the largest number of deaths in fire accidents are those caused by smoke and toxic gas inhalation. Of the 290 people, 186 died from inhalation of smoke and toxic fumes and according to the data announced by the National Fire Agency, the deaths caused by smoke and toxic gas during fires from 2017 to 2021 accounted for about 74% of all fire accident deaths. 

Securing golden time at the fire site, quickly supplying oxygen while wearing it, can be used for more than 20 minutes and up to 2 hours

5-layer filter completely blocks smoke and toxic gas 

In the event of a fire, it is said that the time a person can survive by inhaling smoke and toxic gases is about 5 minutes. Clothes or wet towels alone do not completely block smoke and toxic fumes. The lifesaving towel K2, developed by Saving Story, is a disaster safety product that helps save people’s lives by securing the golden time to evacuate without being suffocated by smoke and toxic gases generated in the event of a fire. To prevent this, the ‘Life Rescue Towel K2’ is equipped with an oxygen supply device that works immediately when worn, and uses a five-layer structure filtering composite fabric that blocks toxic gases. The oxygen supply device reacts immediately to carbon dioxide and moisture to generate oxygen, so in the event of a fire, oxygen is generated and supplied at the same time as worn. Among the 5-layer filtering composite raw sugar, eco-friendly rayon fabric was used for the outer fabric, and a KF 94 certified mask MB filter was used in the center. Among the 5-layer filtering composite fabrics, eco-friendly rayon fabric was used for the outer fabric, and a KF 94 certified mask MB filter was used in the center. Between the rayon fabric and the KF94 filter fabric, an activated carbon fabric for deodorization was placed to prevent smoke and toxic gases from penetrating. As a result of measurement by directly applying harmful gas with an average particle size of 0.4µm to 0.6µm in a test by Saving Story, a blocking effect of 99% was shown. In addition, the experiment was conducted under comditions above 1,000ppm of carbon monoxide in an enclosed space, but filter 4 of the 5-layer structure was not passed and no dust was detected in filter 5, which touches the mouth and nose of a person, proving its safety. 

The world’s first fire disaster product equipped with an oxygen generator, stabilizing the mind and body with 12 natural ingredients

The oxygen generator developed by Saving Story is a device that generates oxygen by reacting to the carbon dioxide and moisture contained in exhaled breath. It is the first time in the world that an oxygen generator is installed in a disaster prevention product. The oxygen generator increases the concentration of oxygen by an average of 2.3% for 15 minutes and removes carbon dioxide by an average of 4,000ppm or more for 15 minutes. The reactive material used in this device is configured to generate oxygen stably and continuously, so in the event of a fire, the golden time can be extended from 5 minutes to 15 minutes to 20 minutes. In particular, it is harmless and safe to the human body because it uses 12 herbal-based ingredients such as aroma, and the filtering effect is maximized so that you can evacuate safely. Among the ingredients used are medicinal ingredients such as rosemary, pine, lime, tea tree, and lavender that stabilize respiratory symptoms and reduce anxiety and stress. Thanks to this, respiratory symptoms and stress symptoms that can occur in a fire can be alleviated, and it is possible to escape from the scene of a fire without deteriorating thinking ability. 

▲ Saving Story / CEO Seung Jang

Easier to use than a gas mask, certified by the Ministry of the Interior and Safety

Wearing a gas mask is quite complex. In South Korea, adult males receive knowhow on wearing and using gas masks through military training, but females do not have such an opportunity. In fact, even in the case of adult men, it is difficult to expect them to wear them correctly in the event of an actual emergency. The Life Rescue Towel K2 was made as easy to use as possible to prevent such situations. How to use it is also simple. If you peel off the wrapping paper and unfold it on both sides, the cover is removed at the same time as unfolding. After that, put your hand into the handle to fix it, and close it to your face to finish. It is more convenient to use than a gas mask that requires you to wear it on your head after unpacking and tighten the string, and there is no worry about accidentally dropping it because it has a handle. The product packaging has 12 perforated lines so that it can be opened easily even in panic situations, and the stored case is made of luminous material so that there is no problem even in the event of a power outage. In addition to this, microbiological tests are conducted to manufacture E. coli, yeast, mold, etc., and excellent results are achieved in the antibacterial test, so the storage stability reaches 3 years. Recognized for this performance, the Life Rescue towel K2 received the Safety Certification of the Ministry of the Interior and Safety as well as the Q Mark, and was also recognized as an innovative procurement product. It is currently deployed in various local government agencies and subways, such as Daegu Subway Jungangno Station and Korea Expressway Corporation Chungbuk Headquarters. Requests for contracts are coming in not only from Korea, but also from countries around the world, including Japan, which has a great interest in disaster safety. CEO Jang said, “Next year’s goal is to obtain KFI certification and enter into mandatory provisions,” adding that “It is expected to be placed in apartments, tunnels, and nursing hospitals in the near future.” 

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