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▲ Won Soo Yeon Hair Director Won Soo-yeon Mini Interview

Director Won Soo-yeon, who has been running a hair salon in Jangan-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul for a long time, emphasized the most on the ‘material’ aspect. Won is a hair stylist who understands all the details, starting with how to buy products in line with the trend and what kind of subtle differences there are in each color. Not only does she know all the new hair dye lines that fit the trend, she is also passionate about customer management. Even now, customers who have lived in Jangan-dong for a long time look for her when changing their hair style. 

Won says “Even though I returned to the same place after two years, I feel a lot of things when I see the customers who always visit the shop. No matter how much the world changes, one of the spaces that AI cannot replace is the hair salon itself, where you can enter and leave comfortably. It’s like a beauty salon where you don’t get bored all the time. Looking back, I don’t think I’ve ever had a problem with a customer in my 30 years of beauty experience. I tried to communicate a lot so that I could be less tired than when I was dragging my tired body all day to visit a beauty salon. No matter how advanced the times are, AI will not be able to entertain you that much.”

She is a person who puts into practice better than anyone else the fact that she sincerely prides herself on beauty, has the leisure to enjoy herself, and approaches customers who visit beauty salons with a good influence. 

“It is not an easy task to lead a business beyond a simple hair salon. This is because you will have to pay a lot of attention not only to the customers, but also to personnel management. In moving forward, the growing franchise and systemic development are of course important, but I think the most important thing is the designer’s competence. Personally, I am very sorry about the downward leveling of the beauty industry these days. Despite the fact that a hairdresser is a job that usually takes more than 10 years to complete, these days it seems that people simply focus on commuting without any effort. Wouldn’t it be a great misconception that ‘it’s okay not to develop’, which will have a negative impact not only on the industry but also on the person concerned?”

For this beautician who does her best in everything, from one to ten, there is no such thing as “approximately.” Won added that instilling dreams and visions in someone is meaningful in itself, and that she too has spent her shining days because of it. “We try to provide even one more service to our existing customers. Thinking of you as a precious family member, couldn’t I have been able to do well as a hair stylist again? Really thankful. I am very grateful that once I establish a relationship with a customer, I go to the end like this. I feel even more moved because there are people who have been here since I was a designer.” 

She added, “As a beautician, there are many shortcomings in doing various things together, but if I can help, I want to fulfill my role diligently.”

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