Hololab, ahead of launching hologram HUD service for target vehicles The world’s best high-efficiency, high-transparency, large-screen HOE screen

Priority applied to the HUD window display of the target vehicle Applicable not only to vehicle but also to cultural heritage and bio 신태섭 기자l승인2022.11.24l수정2022.11.24 14:55







Countries around the world are focusing on developing hologram technology as a next-generation industry. In Korea, various studies are being conducted to apply holograms to the automobile industry, culture and tourism industries. Jeollabuk-do is fully supporting the development of hologram technology through a project by the Ministry of Science and ICT. The province has run a high-efficiency, high-transparency, large-screen HOE screen technology development project. And Hololab has attracted great attention. 


Development of HUD source technology for vehicles

Industrial safety display innovation with target vehicle hologram HUD service

Hololab CEO Shin Dong-hak has been studying hologram technology at university for more than 20 years and established Hololab in Iksan, Jeonbuk, the cradle of domestic holograms. Since 2018, he has jointly developed hologram technology in the automotive sector with Hyundai Motor Company and succeeded in developing the source technology for a domestic HUD (Head Up Display). HUD is a technology that allows the driver to drive while looking straight ahead without looking at the instrument panel or navigation screen. Hololab plans to launch a hologram HUD service for a target vehicle through its original technology. CEO Shin says “The head-up display based on holographic optical elements has a new type of creative structure and can solve the limitations of existing products.”


Development of high-efficiency, high-transparency, large-screen HOE screen technology

Applicable to vehicles, cultural assets, and bio

The HOE screen is a transparent film that is inserted into the vehicle glass to realize a HUD that displays various information so that the driver can see only the front and drive. Hololab plans to be the first to apply the world’s best high-efficiency, high-transparency large-screen HOE screen to the automobile industry, which was successfully developed in-house. The company’s digital showcase can effectively display high-quality and large-screen holographic images and provides clear and bright images. Hologram video and exhibit space matching technology are applied here, and it has more than 90% transparency. Shin says “Hologram technology is expected to be used in various fields besides automobiles and cultural properties and bio.”


Supervising a national project of the development of high-efficiency, high-transparency, and large-screen HOE screen technology

Receiving Science and ICT Ministerial Prize at 2022 ICT Commercialization Festival

The domestic hologram industry is still in its infancy and about 70 companies are conducting R&D. Hololab participated in one of the national projects of the HOE screen technology development project in Jeollabuk-do and supervised the development of high-efficiency, high-transparency large-screen HOE screen technology. The company achieved its goal by developing a micro-hogel-based color HOE screen manufacturing optical system, which is one of the six key technologies for developing large-screen HOE screens. In recognition of this achievement, Hololab received Science and ICT Ministerial Prize at 2022 ICT Commercialization Festival. Shin says “We plan to expand the HOE screen not only to target vehicles, but also to general vehicles, to household appliances and building glass. Hololab pursues real holograms in everyday life. We will lead the creation of new next-generation industries by providing hologram, VR, and AR solutions based on H-3D, the world’s first technology in its field.”

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