KOLEES receives SMEs and Startups Ministerial Prize at Innovation Winner 2022

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▲ KOLEES / CEO Beomju Kim

Replacing imports of European premium products worth 50 billion won annually with the next-generation system channel

Leading the domestic structural system channel market through continuous development of innovative products

Established in 1997, KOLEES is the first company in Korea to commercialize prefabricated system channels. This prefabricated channel has contributed to establishing itself in the market as a standard product for assembly support poles that support piping facilities and equipment in the construction market. KOLEES is constantly striving to improve the constructability of domestic construction sites under motto ‘quick and simple installation’. Recently, the company has been investing in business diversification in the areas as follows: ▲development of next-generation lightweight quick channels and high-load power channels and application to semiconductor plant sites ▲promoting smart factory upgrade projects to build MES (manufacturing execution system) ▲introduction of large-scale automation facilities ▲expansion of distribution centers. In addition, the company is striving to have a system optimized for corporate operation by streamlining the operating system such as ordering, production, packaging, and shipment through ERP improvement. 


Market diversification through continuous new product launches

Helping customers choose the best product

In the structural system channel area, which is the main product, the company is supplying various product groups, such as ﹦Essential SCP series ﹦Quick channel series with integrated fasteners ﹦Power channel series for high load support. They can be extended to industrial applications such as modular racks, catwalks, and access floors as well as equipment support poles. The company is developing many types of connection brackets and fastening parts so that the support structure can implement various shapes according to the use and characteristics of the equipment and the site conditions. Research on raw materials and surface treatment is also conducted in parallel to support the selection of optimal products according to the needs and wants of the site. KOLEES is leading the industry with continuous development and innovation in the field of fire-fighting seismic braces and non-structural element earthquake-resistant supports. In particular, the company developed a non-structural element seismic solution to which a system channel was applied for the first time in Korea, and is supplying it to various sites including the new Incheon International Airport, a major national facility. 


Successful localization of module rack for semiconductor plant construction

50% reduction in structure assembly, shortened construction period and labor cost reduction

The channels of KOLEES reduce the assembly time of structures by about 50% compared to existing products, which can be expected to shorten the construction period and reduce labor costs. In particular, the quick channel system is showing prominence in the petrochemical and high-tech plant fields, which were mainly foreign products. The modular rack structure also has been the exclusive domain of foreign products in Europe, but with the development of the quick channel system, the proportion has been increased from 2021, replacing foreign products. 


Engineering competency

Receiving SMEs and Startups Ministerial Prize at Innovation Winner 2022

The prefabricated system channel was developed to enable optimal design through 3D structural analysis. The company’s excellent structural analysis and design experts provide technical support for components, allowable loads under various conditions, systematic technical review, and appropriate design. 

Based on such continuous growth and innovation, KOLEES has obtained numerous certifications including KS mark, UL certification, KFI certification, and POSCO ‘INNOVILT’ certification, ISO 9001, Root Company certification, and Small Manager Specialized Company certification. In recognition of its contribution to the industry, KOLEES also received SMEs and Startups Ministerial Prize at the Innovation Winner 2022. CEO Beomju Kim says “I am delighted to receive this ministerial award. It is a valuable result of the passionate work of all our employees. In the future, we will do our best to enhance corporate value and competitiveness through more innovative product development and operation. From now on, we will continue our efforts to achieve more meaningful growth with the goal of advancing into overseas markets as well as domestic markets. As a company representing the industry, we will do our best to continuously change and innovate to contribute to national economic development and job creation, and to become a model for society.” 

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