Fire protection glass door of Dongbang Tech: a life saver in case of fire

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▲ Dongbang Tech / CEO Hong Ju-sung

Fire accidents are accidents that result in more casualties after they occur than at the moment they occur. To reduce the number of casualties from fire accidents, people need a means of finding shelter and protecting those who are evacuating from heat and gas. For this reason, fire glass doors that allow both evacuees and rescuers to check the fire situation are attracting great attention recently. 


Fire doors are essential building blocks for life when in a fire

Development of glass fire door that can meet any standard

If you go up and down the stairs inside the building, there is a door that says ‘This door must be closed at all times.’ The door is a fire door and prevents the spread of flames or toxic gases to the surroundings in case of a fire. Recently, a fire broke out in a Cheongju obstetrics and gynecology but there were no fatalities. The fire door played a huge role in this. 

Dongbang Tech is providing the optimal design and manufacturing for fireproof glass doors through continuous research and development. Since 2004, the company has been developing and delivering fire-resistant glass that meets the standards required by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport through fire-resistance tests several times a year. And in 2013, Dongbang Tech was established.


Passing tests for Korea’s first swing door (single door, double door) and sliding door (automatic door) 

Acquired certificate of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport No. 2022-84

With the recent development of technology, it is possible to make fireproof glass doors with as good fire resistance as iron doors. During the evacuation, the iron gate blocks flames and smoke from people, but the inside situation cannot be checked, but the glass door can. Therefore, people can see the internal fire situation while evacuating, so they do not have to make dangerous choices and can also understand the situation inside the emergency passage. Rescue teams are also easy to enter and can enter after checking the internal situation in advance, so it is very effective in saving lives and evacuating. Dongbang Tech annually supplies more than 600 fireproof glass swing doors, fireproof glass automatic doors, fireproof glass windows, and fireproof glass walls. In August of last year, the company achieved the result of passing the standard for swing doors (single door, double door) and sliding door (automatic door) for the first time in Korea in line with the standards of the revised ordinance. In the revised law, the existing fire resistance standard was strengthened from 60 minutes to 70 minutes, and an impact resistance test was added after the fire resistance test. Since the fire resistance test is conducted at a temperature of about 1,000°C, it is simply an increase of 10 minutes, but that alone makes it very difficult. Dongbang Tech satisfies all of these conditions, and in accordance with Article 26 of the ☆Rules on Standards for Evacuation and Fire Protection Structures of Buildings★ and ☆Quality Recognition and Management Standards for Building Materials★ (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Notice No. 2022-84), obtained a certificate and applied for a patent. A company official said that in the future, in line with the domestic high-efficiency energy material certification system, it plans to develop a product with fire protection, openness, convenience, and insulation functions at the same time. “We will do our best to contribute to the Korean building materials as a leader in the fireproof glass window.”

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