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In Korea, the ‘Indoor Air Quality Management Act’ has been enacted and implemented to protect public health and prevent environmental hazards by properly maintaining and managing indoor air quality. Ventilation is the most important factor in managing indoor air quality. If you want a comfortable indoor environment, it is necessary to continuously ventilate the indoor air. Recently, a small and medium-sized company in Korea developed a window-type air purifier equipped with a high-efficiency total heat exchanger, attracting great attention from industry insiders. It is Welkin Air. PowerKorea met CEO Park Joon-koog.


Ventilation is the most important thing to prevent COVID-19 infection and create a comfortable indoor environment

The best way to prevent COVID-19, which is mainly transmitted indoors, is to ventilate frequently. In the past decade, many infectious diseases such as MERS, SARS, and Corona 19 have occurred, and what all these infectious diseases have in common is airborne transmission. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to manage and improve air quality in order to break the link between these periodic epidemics. 

Even if it is not an infectious disease, there are various organic chemicals, harmful gases and various pollutants that cause sick house syndrome indoors. It must be discharged outdoors, but it must also be solved through ventilation. 


Heat exchange rate 96%, window type air purifier equipped with world-class heat exchanger

Reducing heating and cooling energy consumption while maintaining the highest indoor air quality at all times

CEO Park Joon-guk developed the ventilation system Welkin Air that can completely solve these problems. Welkin Air is a window-type air purifier equipped with the world’s best electric heater. It introduces clean air into the room through triple filter including High Efficiency Particulate Air and UVC sterilization function, and discharges polluted air from the room to the outside. In this process, the world’s best heat exchange function makes the air at a temperature similar to the room temperature when taking in outside air. This not only achieves the original purpose of ventilation, which is to purify indoor air, but also reduces heat loss due to the difference in temperature between indoors and outdoors, thereby dramatically reducing energy used for heating and cooling. It can also be used as an indoor sterilizing purifier in spring and autumn when air conditioning is not performed. Welkin Air reduces the volume by more than 1/3 and makes it easy to manufacture and manage parts by straightening and slotting parts. It uses a direct heat exchange method and increases the heat exchange surface area by more than 50% from 8:13, and reduces the friction area by more than 50% to 26:13. 


Welkin Air for all buildings and public facilities

Currently, about 15 million households nationwide do not have ventilation facilities. In particular, hospitals and nursing hospitals are places where ventilation and heating and cooling are required 24 hours a day, so it is expected that a huge amount of energy loss can be prevented if the existing products with such a big heat loss are replaced with Welkin Air. 


Being a protector of public health through 24-hour epidemic prevention

Welkin Air is a system that allows the air entering the interior to flow from top to bottom and the air exhausted outside through the lower exhaust port so that the incoming air and outgoing air are discharged without mixing. Through this, an efficient air-conditioning system will be established to prevent infection in dangerous facilities with infected persons, and ventilation systems will be made like clean rooms in all places where the infected person can stay. The company is also planning to install a desktop type and partition sterilization device and a smart bus stop air purifier. CEO Park says “Our ultimate goal is to become a global company that takes responsibility for the health of people around the world in the future.”

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