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Galaxy Corp receives Korea SMEs and Startups Agency President’s Prize at Innovation Winner 2022 Securing more than 200 artist IPs to utilize metaverse avatars 강영훈l승인2022.11.21l수정2022.11.21 13:53






▲ Galaxy Corp / CEO Choi Yong-ho

200+ artist IPs

Korea’s first metaverse avatar portal platform company

As a metaverse first mover company, Galaxy Corporation (Galaxy) is the first metaverse avatar portal company in Korea that utilizes more than 200 domestic and foreign artist IPs as its core assets as metaverse avatars. Galaxy is a group of media, management, technology and finance experts with more than 10 years of entertainment experience. The experts are using entertainment contents to maximize the management capabilities of the completed avatar using convergence technology. Entertainment content is used as a marketing channel for building an avatar worldview, and is also the core of avatar IP sourcing and build-up. To further advance this, Galaxy currently has three entertainment companies as subsidiaries. The avatar is created through 3D modeling.


Creation of a new avatar with a maiden selection contest

Making the impossible possible in reality

In 2020, Galaxy produced an entertainment program called the Bukkake Selection Contest to secure the professionalism and competency for multi-personas of entertainers. Rather than using the famous artist IP by itself, it has been recreated as a new avatar that can be used by Galaxy as a subordinate contract. In the following year, 2021, the metaverse avatars of popular entertainers were produced and appeared on TV as the first metaverse entertainment program in Korea through the content of ‘Bukkake Age of Wealth’. The created avatar is given a worldview that users can immerse in, and in various ways, such as a virtual avatar and a real artist appearing together, it is possible to experience the area of the metaverse unfamiliar to the public. Recently, at the Metaverse AI music show ‘Abadream’ together with its subsidiary Persona Space, AR, XR, avatar, motion capture, voice synthesis, and metaverse platform, etc., were simultaneously presented with content that converges more than 6 technologies.

Galaxy CEO Choi Yong-ho says “Each of the 24 entertainers created a virtual avatar reflecting a dream that could not be achieved in reality, and created a metaverse stage using augmented reality technology. Not only does the avatar perform on stage, but the avatar and the avatar’s real celebrity perform together.” 

‘Abadream’ is made with expandable content IP. Unlike programs that virtualize existing artists, it has developed into content that makes impossible things possible by turning dead people and people who cannot move comfortably due to disabilities into avatars. 


Metaverse + Commerce Model Development

Metaverse for reality

Galaxy is preparing a metaverse commerce model that provides a new metaverse shopping experience by connecting IP, products, and consumers. Users can realize B2E through shopping and social activities, commerce companies can secure channels for product sales and promotion without time and space constraints, and entertainers can generate additional revenue. The company is planning to enter the global market in earnest from this year, and in October, a press conference was held for the metaverse avatar of boxer Manny Pacquiao. CEO Choi said that the company has signed a MOU with MJ Asset Investment in the UAE and is moving forward globally. 

Galaxy is also trying to establish a metaverse graduate school with KAIST. 

As part of that, Galaxy has been conducting the NFT-Metaverse CEO course together with KAIST for a total of 16 weeks since March of this year. The contents included industry trends, platforms, social, R&D, patent strategy, NFT and finance. 

Choi says “As the network of professionals leading the metaverse industry was expanded, the satisfaction of the students was high, and I felt that there was a lot of need for the metaverse. We are a company that wants to make a positive impact on society through metaverse. Therefore, we intend to establish a graduate school with KAIST because we thought that education should go together so that we could contribute to society while nurturing metaverse professionals.” In order to nurture talents with an integrated understanding of technology, human beings, society and culture, the Metaverse Graduate School aims to develop the core element technologies of Metaverse (XR, big data, network, artificial intelligence, block chain, digital twin) and the humanities and social sciences (art, business administration, psychology, media, storytelling, etc.). 

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