Highly sought-after FIDO, eWBM and TrustKey take a step forward

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Cyber attacks are getting more and more intelligent. The largest oil pipeline outage in the U.S. in 2021, paid a whopping $4.4 million to hackers and stopped the service for six days. In South Korea, as of the middle of this year, companies have reported 225 cases of attack. 64% of them do not have a data on-offline backup system in place, so even after an attack, it is difficult to recover from damage. 

eWBM and its subsidiary TrustKey are fabless semiconductor companies specializing in security MCUs. They are exporting products made with their own technology to Europe. An official of TrustKey says “It is a full-fledged export aimed at the European security market. We have partnered with global management consulting firm Accenture, German global chemical company BASF, and UK G-research.“ 

eWBM CEO Stephen Oh says “It is important to provide products and services that meet the needs of customers and establish consulting partners. In that sense, this European collaboration is a great boon for Trustkey. In particular, Accenture has high satisfaction with our security key. BASF, a German chemical company, is using TrustKey because chemical confidentiality is important, and will continue to expand our excellent products and services in the future. G-research is a financial research institute that predicts macroeconomic indicators and the future using big data. It requires detailed and demanding security. In response, we provided the G series that uses biometric authentication and they are very satisfied.”

eWBM announced that it will expand its overseas market by supplying technology to US institutions following its entry into Europe. An official of eWBM says “The TrustKey security solution was recently applied to the system of Littleler, a San Francisco-based labor and employment litigation law firm. Founded in 1942, the firm employs thousands of lawyers and uses our security system.” Since last year, Amazon also is using the fido key of TrustKey. In addition, more US state universities are using fido key, and the company is preparing to register for a large-scale procurement for Texas educational institutions later this year. 

CEO Stephen Oh says “FIDO’s position in the US is getting stronger. Global IT companies such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft are planning to introduce fido-based technology instead of eliminating passwords by early next year.“ eWBM recently obtained KCMVP certification. KCMVP is a system that certifies hardware security solutions that meet the government’s needs. The company obtained KCMVP, which verifies the safety of important information protection and cryptographic module with the IoT security semiconductor MS500. With the MS500, the company has secured an edge in remote water, electricity and gas meter reading and security authentication. 

▲ eWBM / CEO Stephen Oh

CEO Oh says “We recently has started supplying our trust key to the cloud department of a domestic university. We expect this to spread awareness throughout the education community that password-free is convenient and secure. Last summer, we talked about security technology with the National Research Institute of Singapore. They wanted to hear details of the authentication method and encryption for the security technology. This national research institute is expected to achieve high performance because many partners are connected. The official wanted the integrated care of the holistic authentication solution. The TrustKey solution is a way to protect personal information without using a password. This will be a great opportunity for us to expand our market.“

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