Keeping the shower temperature while saving energy Smart shower faucet ‘TAPZERO’

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Hot water uses a considerable amount of energy than we think especially when we use hot water during the shower. According to Seoul, one citizen uses 180 liters of water a day for the shower alone. Water is a substance with a very high specific heat, and an enormous amount of energy is used to heat up the water. This means that just by reducing the amount of hot water we use in the shower, we can save huge amounts of energy and carbon. Recently, a Korean company is the center of the talk-about with its innovative faucet product that can reduce the use of hot water. PowerKorea met Tritiz CEO Yoo Dong-hoon and learned the product.


Smart faucet product ‘TAPZERO’ saves energy cost of KRW 293,091 annually based on a family of four

Precise and constant water temperature control in 1℃ unit, simple touch ON/OFF without faucet

When the economic effect of shortening the shower time by 5 minutes and lowering the shower temperature by 4℃ can save 73,273 won per person a year. Based on a family of 4, the saved cost can be  293,091 won. The smart faucet product ‘TAPZERO’ developed by Tritiz is an innovative item that can reduce unnecessary hot water use by automatically adjusting the water temperature when taking a shower.

With Tapzero, it is possible to control the temperature in units of 1 degree, and it is also possible to use ON/OFF by the touch without the existing faucet. Because the water temperature is automatically adjusted through the auto mode, hot water at a preset temperature can be affected immediately after operation. There is no need to adjust the faucet to get the right amount of hot water when taking a shower, and there is no situation where cold and hot water go back and forth during the shower. Temporary adjustments are not saved, and hot water at the correct temperature is always maintained, so even small children can take a shower on their own without the help of parents. Each family member can set the desired temperature in advance and up to four temperatures can be set.


▲ Tritiz / CEO Yoo Dong-hoon

With the world’s first ‘wireless power smart faucet’, anyone can easily install it at home

Not only for bathrooms, but also for private tropical fish aquariums

Another advantage of the Tapzero is that it operates wireless. In fact, Tapzero is the only faucet in the world that has an automatic hot water control function with wireless. A built-in rechargeable battery provides power, and a small hydroelectric generator charges the battery itself. It can be used for about a month based on four people without external charging, and can be easily replaced within a few seconds after charging the spare battery provided with the product. Installation of the product itself is very simple, and because the necessary work tools are provided, anyone can easily install it after purchasing it online.

CEO Yoo Dong-Hoon started product development to relieve the discomfort he felt everyday. After establishing Tritiz in 2019, the product was improved through numerous trials and errors, and as a result, the current tapzero was completed. Perfect waterproofing solves the problem of moisture build up, and the highest quality parts increase durability. With the overseas market in mind, a function to display temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit also has been added. Tapzero has only been released for about two months, but sales are rapidly increasing through mouth to mouth of the real users. What makes it even more interesting is that Tapzero is gaining popularity for the use for tropical fish aquariums at homes and offices. Yoo says “Customers who were skeptical at first say that they cannot shower without it once used to it. More innovative things in the future It plans to develop products.

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