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Particular attention is being paid to natural health methods that enhance natural immunity and healing power. In Japan, there was a method called “rice grain health method” to help treatment by attaching rice directly to the acupoint. In China, mung beans or eundan were attached to the ears to relieve pain in the body. This is also called seed therapy. It is known that the method is simple, economical, and has few side effects, and therefore, attracting the attention of many people interested in natural healing. In the field of seed therapy, Professor Kim Hyung-dong, a former professor at Jungbu University, is called the nation’s highest authority by the so-called ‘seed master’. Kim says “Seeds are the essence of life. It can be explained as a principle of restoring health by correcting the imbalance of ‘ki (energy)’ and enhancing natural immunity by attaching seeds to the acupoints that act as electric switches using the vitality of the seeds.” According to him, the method of attaching seeds is the same as the principle of placing needles. In other words, the site where the seeds are attached is the beginning of the healing point. Seed therapy uses the principle of acupressure by attaching it to the blood or directly on painful areas such as shoulders, waist, and ankles. This method is known to help people see excellent efficacy with relief from pain or illness. Seed healing is said to help cure not only headaches and menstrual pain, shoulder pain, shingles, etc., but also depression, insomnia, and allergies.

▲ Professor Kim Hyung-dong

Professor Kim said that dieting is helpful if you eat food that suits your constitution, attach seeds to your ears, and periodically apply acupressure. “If you gain weight due to stress, put it on the heart + brainstem, if you have a hormonal or sinus problem, put it on the endocrine + sinmoon, if you drink a lot of water, it’s on the brown point + sinmoon + bladder, and if you eat a lot of rice, it is good to put it on the base + stomach + large intestine. If you attach a seed to your ear and press it down every day, the weight will start to fall out. You can lose up to 10 pounds in a few months without any side effects. In addition, if you press and tap the palms and soles frequently, the effect is good, and if you squeeze and open the hands and feet frequently, it is even better. People who are overweight usually sit with their feet wide apart and gain weight when their pelvis is widened, so if you want to lose weight, it is recommended to sit with your legs closed as much as possible. The same goes for smoking cessation. It is said that 15% to 30% of smoking cessation is effective with medication or hospital treatment. However, the act of quitting smoking is much more important than the effects of drugs. Smoking affects not only your own health, but also the health of your family and those around you. In general, when the seeds are attached to the nose, bronchi, or lungs, the taste of tobacco is lost or it smells like water. In order to prevent withdrawal or psychological phenomena, it is recommended to attach it to the heart, brainstem endocrine gland, and sinmoon and sympathy points.” 

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