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The standard of living has improved due to continuous economic growth, and the medical and health fhas also developed with modern medicine, resulting in an extended life expectancy and a rapid increase in the elderly population. However, as the aging population increases, the number of patients suffering from chronic diseases due to older age is also increasing. According to the results of a survey by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2018, the rate of chronic disease among the elderly population was 88.5%, and the rate of suffering from two or more chronic diseases in combination reached 68.3%. Cerebrovascular disease is the most serious of these chronic diseases. No matter how well you take care of your health, as you age, your blood vessels get thinner and your brain function deteriorates, causing problems with your blood vessels and brain. Cerebrovascular disease causes loss of bodily function once a problem occurs. Above all, once a problem occurs, it must be taken care of immediately, and if the time is missed, it can cause permanent disability.


Trainers composed of physical therapists with more than 5 years of experience

You can trust it with alarm services

New Healing Life is a rehabilitation exercise center consisting of a group of experts including university hospitals, the head of the rehabilitation center, university professors, physiotherapy doctors, and international therapists from the PNF Society. These trainers are composed of physical therapists with more than 5 years of experience in exercise therapy at university hospitals and rehabilitation hospitals, and have numerous training certificates such as Bobath, PNF, Vojta, and Pilates. As the body functions to be rehabilitated are different, there are trainers with expertise in each field. New Healing Life provides rehabilitation exercise services in all areas that require rehabilitation, such as rehabilitation for brain diseases, spinal injury rehabilitation, rehabilitation after artificial joint surgery, and cardiopulmonary function rehabilitation. 


▲ New Healing Life / CEO Im Myeong-gyu

Rehabilitation exercise does not stop in the middle

In addition to visiting-rehabilitation, offline center rehabilitation is also operated

The biggest advantage of New Healing Life is that it operates an offline center in addition to visiting rehabilitation. Rehabilitation exercise is generally required when there is a problem in body function due to cerebrovascular disease or a long hospital stay. There are many patients who find it difficult to even get out of the house on their own, and there are many cases where they give up the rehabilitation exercise itself because there is no guardian to support them. Therefore, visiting rehabilitation exercises are selected, but the cost is higher than going to the center directly. Most visiting rehabilitation exercise centers provide only visiting rehabilitation, so patients have to endure the inconvenience of having to find and register the center again. If your condition suddenly deteriorates and you need to visit rehabilitation services again, this is also inconvenient. In this regard, New Healing Life has great merit as it operates both visiting rehabilitation and center rehabilitation. If you are unable to move, you can choose visiting rehabilitation services. If you feel comfortable and have recovered to a level where you can move outside, you can visit the center directly and receive a low-cost rehabilitation exercise services. 


Active participation in community service and welfare projects including vouchers

Selected as an excellent institution for providing sports lecture vouchers to the disabled 

Another strength of New Healing Life is that it is a center that actively participates in community service and welfare projects. Rehabilitation exercises are continuous and regular, so the cost has to be spent on a regular basis. For this reason, most local governments are using vouchers to receive rehabilitation exercises without burdening the cost. New Healing Life is operating various vouchers such as customized exercise service for the health of adults in Seoul, customized exercise service for the disabled in Gyeonggi-do, exercise prescription service tailored to the disabled in Incheon, and sports lecture tickets for the disabled. 

In addition, the center participated in the visiting rehabilitation service welfare project for the low-income class in Ansan, and has been dispatched experts to various welfare institutions to provide rehabilitation exercise services. In addition, the center is actively participating in local 

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