Building a bright and healthy national society with the three ideologies of ‘truth, order, and harmony’

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▲ Right Living Movement Andong / President Kim Seung-cheol

<PowerKorea> met Right Living Movement Andong president Kim Seung-cheol who has been volunteering for decades for people in need


Right Living Movement Andong leads building a bright and healthy national society with the three ideologies of ‘truth, order, and harmony’

Kim said “The Living Right Movement was not just a movement to live a good life. Through the movement, the people’s capabilities were able to be concentrated, and as we started to produce practical results through this, the Korean people gained confidence with the we-can-do-it-spirit. This experience generated energy that the people should unite whenever the country faces a crisis, such as the financial crisis, and this energy has made the Republic of Korea today. All of this was possible because there was the ‘movement spirit to live right’ in the hearts of the people. Based on the three ideologies of ‘Truth, Order, and Harmony’, the Right Living Movement has been practiced since its inception in 1989. He was inaugurated as the 13th president of the Andong branch in 2020. He designates the 1st of every month as ‘Live Right Movement Day’ and carries out a campaign. He and the members have engaged in Clean Andong and happy Andong along the Nakdong River, helped rural workers in the first half of the year, youth leading activities, shared briquettes of love, delivered goods to the underprivileged, delivered packages of love, participated in the ‘Sharing and Practice of Love’ blood donation campaign, Youth Association National University Clean campaign, and delivered goods to overcome the COVID-19 crisis. “We regularly engage in monthly volunteer activities with our members to practice the ‘National Spiritual Movement’ that creates honest individuals, a society where we live together, and a healthy nation.”


Serving is the ultimate luxury that develops the muscles of the heart

“Volunteer is not about helping someone when I have spare time, but rather doing something that helps those around me even if I lack it. It leads to a happy life that brings happiness to my heart and vitality to my life. It helps others physically and mentally, but acts like a refreshing agent to enrich one’s own life. The more you do it, the more you want to do it The most basic of it is ‘high moral ethics for one’s job.”

Twenty-four years ago, he had been volunteering for decades through a local volunteer group. He joined Right Living Movement Andong 15 years ago and has carried on his devotion. “Life is up to you. Our lives can be happy or unhappy depending on what we value and feel satisfied with. Man cannot live alone. You can be mentally enriched when you realize that you are living together and do something that helps others.” In August, he signed up as the No. 5 Sharing Leader of the Community Chest of Korea in Gyeongbuk, which donates more than 1 million won per year on a temporary or contract basis. 

He and the members are the protagonists of the virtue who give out even a single piece of bread to neighbors in need. He and the members are expected to continue their activities for helping people in need and participating regional development.

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