Practical ‘Tarot Master’ education, Immediate employment upon completion

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▲ Korea Tarot Reading Education Association / President Cho Mi-jin

First-come, first-served, intensive lecture for a small group of 4 people

Tarot lectures for high-profit storytelling

The Korea Tarot Reading Education Association (President Cho Mi-jin) is an institution that fosters Tarot Masters who listen to people’s concerns and give advice through Tarot. Cho Mi-jin, president of the Korea Tarot Reading Education Association, engages in education with the belief that ‘the fate of a person must be read by those who are prepared.’ To this end, she directly looks at the tarot to complete the keywords of tarot cards with a high hit rate, and systematizes specific reading methods to educate them. Classes consist of beginner, intermediate, advanced, and master classes, and are conducted in 1:1 and small elite groups. For classes conducted in small groups, lectures on storytelling can be recorded as videos and can be kept permanently. In addition, since it is a class that each person participates according to a small number, it opens the way to get a job right away. Cho said “I saw a lot of people who went to see advertisements for cheap lectures and were disappointed because they couldn’t read or made profits.” Therefore, Cho delivers storytelling techniques on a one-on-one basis to reduce shortcomings, gives lectures that students can trust and generate profits. 

Online lectures focusing on more than 1000 practical questions


Cho opened a non-face-to-face online lecture site ‘Rexitarot’ to inform more people about the world of Tarot. Although many online lectures focus on keywords, Lexitarot’s lectures are based on more than 1000 practical questions based on each question that Cho herself experienced while working as a tarot master, using tarot reading samples. The reading method taught through this sample boasts a high hit rate based on the theory that Cho made by repeating revisions while looking at actual points, just like in a face-to-face lecture. In addition, to avoid simple knowledge-based internet lectures, Cho reinforces practicality with tailored contents according to each situation, period, and subject. Thanks to this, you can study the tarot reading method that can be used immediately in practice despite it is an online lecture. Requests for ‘Rexitaro’ classes are flooding in and you might have to expect to wait two or three months to enroll the course. She runs the Rexitarot channel on the Kakao Channel, and high-quality Tarot Masters, made up of selected students by Cho, provide tarot counseling 24 hours a day. In addition, in order to provide practical training on tarot reading for overseas Koreans, Cho plans to launch Zoom classes in March next year. 

The Korea Tarot Reading Education Association is an institution that issues 1st and 2nd level qualifications and certificates for psychological tarot counselors which are registered to the Korea Vocational Competency Development Institute. Upon completion of the Rexitarot course, reading skills can be recognized, and when applying to a Tarot-related company, students can receive employment benefits. She won the Tarot Education for three consecutive years in 2020, 2021, and 2022 at the Korea Future Management Awards. Cho said “I will continue to work hard so that more people can receive professional training on tarot reading.”

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