Transforming Guri into a blue chip city

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“The reason why the citizens of Guri chose me is that I have been in administration for over 30 years, and based on my experience of being in charge of the administration of the half of the 6th term, I was told to make bold changes and innovations that look at the reality with a cool point of view, and make Guri the happiest city in Korea. I will regard it as a solemn order from 200,000 Guri citizens.” says Baek. 

100 days before his inauguration, Baek said in an interview with us that he will do his best to make a ‘transforming Guri into a blue chip city’ that will double the happiness of Guri citizens in the future.” He pointed out fairness and win-win as the two core values as well as the vision and goal of the city. He said “I will change the current E-commerce logistics complex and food tech valley construction project into a techno valley business. In addition, I will develop the Guri Techno Valley business into a 4th industrial technology research complex to foster new industries in the eastern Gyeonggi region.” 

▲ Guri City Mayor Baek Gyeong-hyeon

What is a blue chip city?

The foundation for building a new Guri city is a great transformation. The wrong frame must be boldly changed for our lives to be changed so that the city turns itself to a global city. In order to transform into a blue-chip city that the world is paying attention to, we will create a cutting-edge knowledge industry center and job transformation, new high-tech transportation networks such as GTX-B and GTX-E, and create a cutting-edge eco-friendly smart green city along the Han River in Topyeong-dong.


Do you have your own political philosophy?

I have made ‘fairness and win-win’ as the administrative philosophy of the 8th office of the city. Fairness is a topic given to the public service community, and win-win means cooperation with the Guri City Council. We will carefully review the large-scale development projects currently underway in Guri City and do our best to resolve imbalances and conflicts that have arisen in the development process in cooperation with the Guri City Council. 


What does the cooperation contain?

We will maintain close cooperation with the Council members regardless party or party strategies, with an open mind to solve current issues and problems through dialogues and establishing a productive relationship. 

What are 5 major policies in 10 areas with 100 promises?

In a word, they are a promise made for our citizens. First, for dynamic innovative growth, we will focus on the high-tech knowledge industry and job transformation centered on the 4th knowledge industry center and platform. Second, we will establish a new high-tech transportation network such as the GTX-B line stopping at Galmae Station and the GTX-E line to lay the groundwork for a groundbreaking regional development engine, and relieve traffic congestion by constructing an underground road through the city center. Third, to take a new leap forward, a water park city on the banks of the Han River in Topyeong-dong, a cutting-edge eco-friendly city ‘Smart Green City’ with urban forests, and the construction of a compact city on the GTX-E route, the presidential promise, are simultaneously attracted to build a new city. Fourth, to establish a fruitful education for the future, we will provide a full package service from childbirth to care and education. Fifth, in order to create a city where everyone is happy, which is the basis of warm companionship, it is important to ensure that related policies are clearly implemented, such as a city where small business owners do not have to worry, a city where it is easy to participate in cultural life, a city where all families are healthy, a city where everyone can exercise happily, and a city where old age is comfortable. We will promote it to become a city that changes the lives of citizens. The 100 promises are the detailed plans to achieve these goals step by step. 


What are your core projects you wish to fulfill during your term?

First, the re-promotion of ‘Guri Techno Valley’. We will change the current E-commerce logistics complex and food tech valley construction project into a techno valley business. I think there are many difficulties in environmental evaluation, such as upgrading from 3rd grade to 2nd grade. We will reset the business direction according to the results of the preliminary feasibility study of the E-commerce logistics complex and work closely with related organizations such as the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. Second, it is an urban development project along the Han River. We will create a compact city around the GTX-E route, which is the presidential promise, and enhance the brand value of Guri and create high-quality jobs for young people through comprehensive city development projects such as smart green city and water park city. Third, we will create a new high-tech transportation network, such as the GTX-B line stopping at Galmae Station and the GTX-E line, and solving the traffic congestion in the downtown area by constructing an underground road through the city center. Guri is the smallest city in the country. And it is blocked by multiple overlapping regulations, such as development restriction zones, military protection facilities, overcrowding control zones, and factory volume systems. I thought that it was the Guri Techno Valley, which was promoted with Gyeonggi-do, that could shake off this evil during my 6th term. So in 2018, I attracted more than 150,000 signatures from citizens. However, the former mayor canceled it for unclear reasons maybe of political purposes. On the other hand, Yangju City, which promoted the same project at the time, continued to carried it out despite difficult conditions, and is now in the completion stage. It is very unfortunate for us. What is hopeful for the re-promotion of Techno Valley is that the new Yoon administration has proposed a ‘local era where people can live anywhere in Korea’ as the sixth national goal among the national tasks. In addition, the Presidential Transition Committee on April 27 supported for regional nurturing of new growth projects, regionally-led new industry ecosystem creation, new industry job creation, or balanced development vision and balanced development regional pledges to establish a 4th industrial technology research complex in Gyeonggi-do. When Guri Techno Valley and the 4th high-tech industrial technology research complex are reintroduced by private sectors, we can convert it into a Gyeonggi-do or a national project. 

Is there anything you would like to say to public officials?

About 1,000 public officials should keep in mind that the owners of Guri are citizens and it is necessary to ensure that not only business processes comply with laws, but also citizens are satisfied. I believe that when public officials are stable and happy, a positive mindset is formed, they can actively work with creative ideas, and welcome Guri citizens like family. I hope that you will love yourself, love your family and neighbors, and love the citizens of Guri. Dear public officials, let’s work together with me to make a happier Guri. 


Lastly, is there anything you would like to say to 200,000 Guri citizens?

Guri has been falling behind compared to neighboring cities for the past 20 years. Public officials, including myself, are making efforts to satisfy citizens and meet their needs, while successfully accomplishing 100 projects in 10 areas of 5 policies, leading to a good change in the development to build a second to none neighboring city where citizens’s happiness are most important. We have the right to be happy. We will do our best to let the wind of happiness blow in Guri. We will do our best with over a thousand public officials to make Guri, a prosperous city that brings laughter to the lips of citizens every day.

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