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▲ K-Works Korea / CEO Bae Kang-ho

The Recruitment Discrimination Act that blocks company announcements,

Even if you post an advertisement on a job site, hiring talented people is like the star-picking in the sky difficult

Competent talents are the driving force behind the company, like the ‘Ilsubaekhwak’ that plant a tree and reap a hundred benefits. Companies try to recruit the best talent through job sites, but it’s not as easy as you think. Advertising alone costs 500,000 won a week and 2 million won a month. Even with such advertising, most companies cannot find the talent they need.

Companies cannot post specific notices on the website to find the desired employee due to the Recruitment Discrimination Prevention Act. About 20 anti-discrimination items such as gender, education, age, physical condition, religion, region of origin, marriage/pregnancy, medical history, criminal record, and disability are holding back. 

A company can run well only when it is well recruited and placed in the right place. Everything is done by people. Although the age of intelligent information based on AI has opened, it is people who manage AI. K-Works Korea is an outsourcing company that connects valuable talents that companies want. The company is subdivided and differentiated by parts such as management, accounting, sales, search, etc. CEO Bae Kang-ho said “K-works Korea provides detailed information about what makes it different from other companies and PT. CEOs of companies that have hired talents can focus on management with ease.” 

K-works Korea promotes human resource dispatch, plating/work consignment, headhunting/recruitment agency, and PRO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) as its main tasks. ⅡDispatch of human resources is carried out after signing a dispatch contract when the customer requires specialized knowledge and skills, in case of childbirth or illness, or when temporary or intermittent manpower is needed. ⅡPlating and consignment work are diverse in fields such as office-related, medical/nursing, call center, facility management, IT computing, production/logistics, sales, and other professional occupations. ⅡHeadhunting and recruitment agency recruits potential talents in all forms, including regular and contract workers, and acts directly and indirectly on the basis of professionalism, differentiation and reliability. ⅡPRO is a service that replaces the recruitment team of a customer or supports part of the recruitment work from the recruitment planning to the final selection in the PRO team composed of recruitment experts.

Outsourcing is a business-to-business transaction,

It’s a misconception that commissions are deducted from salary “Companies pay commissions when hiring”

People who work through outsourcing companies worry that they are taking a certain amount of money out of their paycheck, but that’s never going to happen. B2B is a business-to-business transaction. If they take a commission from your salary just because you work through the  outsourcing, that in itself is illegal. 

When a company hires an employee through a hiring agency or headhunting, 10-15% of the employee’s annual salary must be deposited into the outsourcing company within a week. It is the company’s responsibility, not the individual who gets the job. In the dispatch service, all workers belong to the outsourcing company, and the company deposits all the amounts including salaries, legal expenses, administrative fees, and profits to the outsourcing company. Then, the outsourcing company pays 100% of the worker’s salary without deducting a single penny from the worker’s salary. After the spread of COVID-19, food service transactions alone will exceed 25 trillion won in 2021. Corona 19 has created a non-face-to-face society, and the delivery market has exploded as a result. The labor-intensive logistics industry is worse than the factory among the 3D industries due to the severe shortage of manpower. When the distribution and logistics supply chain collapses, life is in chaos. Although the minimum wage is rising, the labor shortage is not resolved. Most of the people who work in factories or logistics are older in their 40s or 50s, but companies want young people while paying the minimum hourly wage. Young people do not want to be abused under such adverse conditions. By advising companies to change their hiring practices, people go to companies that meet the conditions, but those that do not are inevitably suffering from a manpower shortage. 

Bae said “As the hiring trend of companies change according to the times is more frequent and regular, more and more companies are using the human resources recruitment management system to compensate for the burden or inefficiency. Of the more than 2,000 outsourcing companies nationwide, 20 to 30 disappear a day while many new companies open their business. They fail in 3 years or or there is a thick barrier even after 3 years.”

Large-scale recruitment of 4,000 Coupangmen,

Dispatch of administrative personnel and nurses to COVID-19 screening clinics nationwide from 2021

In 2013, Bae worked moving from coffee shop to coffee shop without a proper office. In 2014, he established K-Works Korea Co., Ltd. and received a worker dispatch business license. Although it started out hard, progress has been made visible as the years go by. 

In 2015, he signed a service contract with Korea Electric Power Corporation and laid the groundwork for the sanitary management service business. In 2016, he signed a dispatch contract with the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund and the Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency, and signed a service contract with the Guro-gu Office. In 2017, the scale of the project was further expanded, and a service contract was signed with the National Sports Promotion Agency and the National Forensic Science, as well as a contract for dispatching office workers to the SH Corporation. 

As it grew into a leading innovative company capable of sustainable growth in the outsourcing field, K-Works Consulting (Headhunting) was established in 2018, and the office building was purchased in Dongjak-gu and moved to the 3rd floor of K-TOWER. After achieving remarkable growth such as security business, facility management business license, and medium-sized business certification, in 2019, Bae signed a contract for sale and inspection service with the Seoul Botanical Garden.

While operating a professional RPO team, CEO Bae provided specialized services such as advertisement process, recruitment promotion, applicant recruitment, document evaluation, NCS personality test, interview process, and reputation check. He was also in charge of the entire process from recruitment to interview when recruiting public diplomacy trainees at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2020-2021, and actively participated in the large-scale recruitment of 4,000 Coupangmen. He is also making a dedicated effort to dispatch administrative personnel and nurses to screening clinics nationwide from 2021 to the present. 

Win-win for both companies and employees

Creating a culture of value creation for coexistence

Bae said “When a request comes in, we send the resumes of three people within 3 days (72 hours), if a person passes the paper screening, he/she will be given information about the company and they will be able to work in a week at the latest. The client company must deposit 10-15% of the salary of the employee hired by the outsourcing company as a lump sum within one week. There are companies that sometimes betray their trust as if they were rejected because of the cost, but one day, I called the company and an employee called me saying the person was rejected.” 

15% of your annual salary of 50 million won is 7.5 million won. From a company’s point of view, it may be a waste to pay a lump sum of 7.5 million won to an outsourcing company in return for hiring one employee. However, it is not a waste of money, no matter how much it costs, if you find the necessary employees through a painstaking process. You need to be able to respect the values of your employees.

K-Works Korea has grown to the point of generating annual sales of 10 billion won with about 300 employees in the group companies, including K-works Consulting and K-works Logistics. It is a strategy differentiated from other companies to operate RPO and TFT (Task Force Team) to help fair recruitment.

CEO Bae is taking the lead in social contribution activities along with the growth of the company. 

Since 2015, he has been sponsoring undernourished children in Gwanak-gu, Seoul, and in 2019, he participated in the Korean Red Cross’s ‘Spending Campaign’. In recognition of its contribution to social contribution activities, the company received the honor of being selected as a ‘right company’. The company won a silver medal at the Korean Red Cross Awards ceremony for 2021, the 2020 Korea Outsourcing Service Customer Satisfaction Award, and the 2022 Korea Culture Management Awards. 

K-Works Korea strives with a vocation to social contribution and responsibility as much as the operation of a company. The company not only actively supports the underprivileged by hiring the disabled first, but also takes the lead in creating a donation culture at the year-end in-house bazaar. 

Bae said “It is most important to communicate with customers, manage workers through human resources search, and discover and connect talents who can contribute to the improvement of business performance and growth of the company. We will do our best to create a culture of value creation where we can coexist, create a fair and transparent society through outsourcing services for recruitment agencies, and at the same time take the lead in making steady social contribution activities to make a better world.” 

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