Inauguration of the 'Presidential Digital Platform Government Committee'

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Inauguration of the 'Presidential Digital Platform Government Committee'

The Presidential Digital Platform Government Committee (Chairman: Gojin) has set sail. President Yoon Suk-yeol attended the inauguration of the committee held at the Yongsan Presidential Office at 10:00 a.m. on September 2, commissioning a civilian member and discussing the direction of the future initiative. 

Yoon has emphasized the importance of the government’s customized services for the people based on digital technology, and in order to support this policy, the task of implementing a digital platform government is included in the new government's national affairs task. 

The Digital Platform Government is a government that solves social problems and creates new value where all data is connected, unilaterally providing services as a proprietary provider, new model of state affairs operation that collaborates with the private sector, and becomes a partner in innovation which is a key policy initiative of the Yoon administration. 

Yoon congratulated the commission on its inauguration and, following Chairman Gojin who was commissioned on July 29, encouraged 18 field experts from various fields such as digital technology, services, and public administration to serve as private members for  (1)Artificial Intelligence and Data, (2)Infrastructure, (3)Services, (4)Innovation in the Way of Working, (5)Industrial Ecosystem, (6)Information Protection.

The Artificial Intelligence and Data Division will be joined by Ha Jung-woo, Director of Naver Clova AI Lab Research Institute (Sub-Division), Hwang Hee Kakao Healthcare, and Bae Soon-min KT AI2XL Director who will discuss promoting data openness and creating new value using artificial intelligence.

The Infrastructure Division will include Professor Oh Jong-hoon of KAIST Graduate School of Information and Media Management, Representative of Bespin Global Lee Han-ju, and Song Ho Chul Doujon Bizon Platform Business Unit who will plan to collect data that is the core infrastructure of the digital platform government and prepare a foundation for building and operating a foundation for everyone.

The Service Division will include President of Cha In-hyuk CJ Olive Networks (Division Chairman), Representative Kim Jong-hyun Kucon, and Kim Hyung-suk, Director of Hanyang University's Digital Healthcare Center who will explore innovative ways to provide public services that the public can actually feel. 

President Yoon emphasized that the public service system should make the people feel uncomfortable and drastically improved to the level of the private platform, so that the people can directly feel the changes by the implementation of the digital platform government. Also, in order for the new government to be a smart, he called on the Commission to act as a faithful bridge between the private sector and the government.

Yoon receives Doug Ducey U.S. Governor of Arizona and Eric Holcombe, U.S. Governor of Indiana

President Yoon met with U.S. Governor of Arizona, Doug Anthony Ducey, who is visiting the ROK on September 2, and exchanged views on ways to strengthen practical cooperation between South Korea and the state of Arizona. 

Yoon priased the historical ties of nearly 30,000 Arizona Korean War veterans and Arizona State Senator McCain, a staunch supporter of the U.S.-ROK Alliance, and the fact that Governor Ducey is actively working to strengthen the forward-looking relationship between Korea and Arizona.

Yoon said that Korean companies in the high-tech sectors such as batteries are expanding into Arizona and other parts of the United States to increase investment, and he called for the attention and support of the U.S. federal and state governments for these companies.

In particular, Yoon urged the state government to make active efforts to ensure that our companies enjoy the same benefits as U.S. companies without discrimination, as our companies are deeply concerned about the "Inflation Reduction Act" recently enacted in the United States.

Governor Ducey said that he was very interested in supporting the strengthening of cooperation between the Republic of Korea and Arizona, and hoped that Korean companies with the latest technology would be more active in Arizona, adding that, he would actively work with members of the U.S. Congress, as well as at the state level, to ensure that Korean companies entering the United States receive equal benefits without discrimination.

In order to ensure the timely deployment of the professional personnel necessary for our local corporate activities, President Yoon called on Governor Ducey to pay special attention to the development of Korean society in Arizona and the empowerment of our compatriots living in Arizona, in order to ensure that the outstanding Korean people can actively enter the United States.

Governor Ducey replied that he would spare no effort to provide necessary support on related issues so that the issue of securing professional personnel would not interfere with the smooth corporate activities of Korean companies entering Arizona, and that he would continue to pay attention to the promotion of the rights and safety of the Korean community in Arizona, and to the revitalization of the exchange of tourists and international students.

President Yoon also met with U.S. Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb, who is visiting the country on the same day, and exchanged views on ways to promote economic cooperation between South Korea and the state of Indiana. 

Yoon said that trade between Indiana and South Korea, which is achieving solid economic growth on the basis of high-tech industries, is showing a steady upward trend, and expressed his expectation that the expansion of Korean companies' presence in high-tech industries such as electric vehicle batteries will make South Korea and Indiana an important partner in the transition to the electric vehicle era.

Yoon said that professional personnel skilled in the activities of our local companies should be supplied in a timely manner, and asked Governor Holcomb to pay special attention to the active presence of outstanding Korean personnel in the United States, and to pay special attention to the rights and safety of our compatriots and international students residing in Indiana.

Governor Holcomb said he had become more aware of the issue of professional visas, said he would consult with relevant agencies in the U.S. on the issue of professional staffing for Korean companies, and that he would continue to pay attention to the empowerment and safety of the Korean community in Indiana. 

Governor Holcomb invited Yoon to visit Indiana if he is to visit the United States in the future.

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