SOLAFE Air Sterilizers are making industry standards with surprising 0.0017ppm ozone and multi-functionality

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The importance of every day quarantine and keeping the air clean inside building has become one of the hottest topics since the pandemic. Though seemed contained, the re-spread of the COVID-19 variants is encouraging air purifier makers to keep their pace of introducing better performing products. One thing experts warn, however, is that high concentrations of ozone from air sterilizers, or exposed to it for a long time, can cause acute respiratory diseases. For this reason, the World Health Organization limits the ozone in electronic goods less than 0.005ppm while South Korea limits it to less than 0.05ppm. 


Patented SOLAFE air sterilizers

Established in 2014, SOLAFE is a South Korean LED lighting solutions company that has earned trust from Samsung, Hyundai Development Company, Korea Telecom and many other renowned brands and public institutions. Having built unrivalled techniques and knowhow in the field, SOLAFE is now expanding its scope to health care by introducing a number of air purification product lines: SOLA-IonAir, SOLA-IonAir-MINI air sterilizer. All products are loaded with the internationally certified ozone plasma module that keeps consumers from any possible safety issues from high concentrated ozone. “The U.S.-based internationally certified module of SOLAFE is coded UL2998 and the level of ozone is 0.0017ppm which is far less than the WHO standard of 0.005ppm.” explains CEO Jinkeong Hong. On top of this, the module obtained an international patent that even kills COVID-19 through a SARS-CoV-2 USA-WA1/2020 approval. 


Plasma technology

The plasma technology is a technology being used to neutralize or remove harmful substances in the air such as virus, germs, odor, smoke, fine dust, etc. Compared to UV lamp, photocatalyst oxidation and DBD, it uses less energy but more effectively kills the harms in the air and on the surface of objects. “SOLAFE air sterilizers give these benefits of plasma technology. SOLA-LonAir-MINI, for example, covers a 99 square meter space and SOLA-IonAir up to 165 square meters. The monthly energy bill is only around 2,000 won ($1.5 USD) based on MINI even if it is running 24 hours.

▲ SOLAFE / CEO Jinkeong Hong

High performing yet quiet German BLDC motor

SOLAFE air sterilizers are loaded with German BLDC motor which proved its excellence in functionality, efficiency, usability, energy saving and less than 65dB noise. Because the fan motor is located in the center, unlike the floor fan of similar products, it cuts off dusts and foreign bodies piling up in the motor. The drawer-type filter makes replacement easier than ever and the remote control lets you to check the status of the air anytime anywhere. The three of 10cm thick filters not only keep the air clean but also removes virus, germs, mold and fine dust. Thanks to these high performing yet quiet German BLDC motor, SOLAFE air sterilizers are in high demand from public institutions, hotels and hospitals. “We are experiencing orders from Vietnam, Malaysia, India and China and we will use this opportunity to pioneer overseas market in earnest.” says Hong. <PowerKorea>

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