Introducing 4th generation digital door lock Keyin that locks and unlocks doors in a speed of light

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Digital door locks started to spread from early 2000 in South Korea. The conventional keys were replaced with the touch-based door locks whether it is a house or an office. The market was becoming huge and some companies secured unrivalled techniques. Gateman was one of them. Seeing a great potential, a Swedish security company ASSA ABLOY bought Gateman. It was the start of Korean digital door lock companies being sold overseas one by one. Sad.


Now, we just have to watch the buyers enjoying the feast on the market explosively growing worldwide. If only the Koreans rooted their bases unwaveringly where they started! Though the companies and techniques were sold, however, many experts have still remained homeland and are either working for new enterprises or established their own. One of the remains was MINGHI KOO, CEO of Raonark. 


What makes Raonark different from others, home or aborad, is at its 4th generation digital door lock technology you cannot find anywhere else in the world but at Raonark in South Korea. And that is +Keyin. +Keyin locks and unlocks the door as soon as you closed the door without even 0.1 second of delay. Why is this important? Because crimes happen. A real story: a man followed a woman and as locking normally take about 3 seconds the man waited and got hold of the door and got into the house to try to rape her but failed and was arrested. 


Behind this instant locking operation is ‘mortise’ technology. A couple of crazy engineers, who have devoted 20 years of their lives to nothing but mortise, are working as a team at Raonark. Mortise is the decisive part of digital door locks like the engine is the most important part of a vehicle. Companies that can be able to develop mortise is rare in the world and Raonark is the sole company in the nation if not the world. Undoubtedly, +Keyin is the first 4th generation mortise-loaded digital door lock on earth.


KOO, in fact, was one of the executive members of Gateman. He and his colleagues of the same mind left the company when it was sold to ASSA ABLOY to start again with Raonark. +Keyin in a way is a shout-out to the world that South Korea still has the most advanced technique when it comes to digital door locks. 

+Keyin L

+Keyin L locks and unlocks the door in a flick of time. You do not need of handling the door knob to open or close the door. It operates itself smooth and nice thanks to the automated push-pull technology. All you need to do is to punch your password or place your finger on it. The design is simple, minimal and slick. 


+Keyin S

If +Keyin L is the flagship, +Keyin S is an auxiliary digital door lock. Every culture has different ways of making and using doors. Digital door locks made in South Korea cannot satisfy all of their needs and wants. Thus introduced is +Keyin S installed on the doorframe and it can be used in any cultures. Also loaded with mortise technology to give the same performance as +Keyin L, +Keyin S has 60% less thickness and 3mm thin bezel. Yet, the curves are beautifully done thanks to IML (In-Mold-Label) technique.


+Keyin E

+Keyin E is a safety hook. Saying if you have the world’s best hands of unlocking doors, it will take you forever unlocking +Keyin E because of the patented IoT technologies loaded. You can open the door when +Keyin E is interlocked with the main lock and you cannot open the door when it is not interlocked as it is a safety hook. For glass doors and sash doors, +Keyin O and +Keyin U are on the way to meet the demand.

You can link +Keyin with many digital devices through Pluslink of Raonark. This lets children, elderlies and disabled to use +Keyin without a rocket science through either password or fingerprint. The Bluetooth 5.0 makes the link easy like a piece of cake and you can use iris recognition or vein matching if you wish to do so instead of password or fingerprint. If you still cannot be bothered any of these methods, download the app on your smartphone to sweep it on the keypad. You can also enjoy additional functions such as setting up a family key and a guest key. 

▲ Raonark / CEO MINGHI KOO

Raonark has been invited to numerous government-led projects and recently was chosen for TIPS (Tech Incubator Program for Korean startups). Samples are being sent to all over the world and they are already being sold in France. 


“We feel really regret on the fact that South Korea was the pioneer of digital door locks but many of the technologies were sold overseas. I and my excellent team has a great sense of responsibility and +Keyin’s 4th generation mortise technique will bring back the glory to the homeland.” says KOO. <PowerKorea>

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