Bichaena Academy and Kolon Sporex hold B.DREAMs TOO FREE TWO WILD

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Bichaena Academy and Kolon Sporex held the B.DREAMs TOO FREE TWO WILD on 10th July at Kolon Sporex, Seocho District, Seoul. Sponsored by +82GALLERY and Ocean Star Resort, the dance competition were heated up by those who love dance regardless age, women or men. The B DREAMs director Daegyun Hwang (VIRUS), who directed the choreography at the 15th concert of Seo Taiji and Boys and many other dances for Hyoshin Park, Yeonwoo Kim and 2PM, took the front stage on the day to promote the excitement of the day.


“K-Dance is getting big as a healthy and creative culture. The B.DREAMs TOO FREE TWO WILD is expected to promote this excellent K-Dance and culture not only in Korea but to the world and to involve young dancers to grow their dream. In doing that, Bichaena Academy will do its best to provide necessary support and to bring better ideas and contents for the event.” says Bichaena Academy CEO Sam Yoon.


Bichaena is a social contribution organization and it is the initials of empty, fill and share in Korean. Under the catch phrase ‘Your Future Begins Here’, Bichaena gave out scholarship to excellent dancers on the day while inviting photographers home and abroad to have cool shots from the movements of the dancers. 


▲ Bichaena Academy / CEO Sam Yoon


Below is an interview with Sam Yoon.

Q. What can be the meaning of holding the first B.DREAMs TOO FREE TWO WILD? 

Sam Yoon. We are so happy to be able to organize the B.DREAMs TOO FREE TWO WILD after near three years of lock down. This dance competition gathered people young and old into a place where they could boast their talent long hidden due to the pandemic. B.DREAMs is our tool to make dreams and stories of people happen and deliver them onto open stage. Dance competition doesn’t necessarily mean it is a competition but rather a talent-battle on which they share and build friendship. 


Q. Were there any regret of the event?

Sam Yoon. There are many ideas and plans to make it happen. But we still lacks financially and in terms of plausible contents. The B.DREAMs TOO FREE TWO WILD is a good start though. Self-esteem of young people I think is very important. It will affect their future course significantly. What I and my team want to do is that to grow and keep their self-esteem through creative cultural contents and events where they can see and feel their potentials and possibilities. It is a job of grownups to lay the springboard for young people to spread their wings. 


Q. What was the key role of Bichaena Academy in the event?

Sam Yoon. It was to give support quietly rather than to control the event in the front. From the venue hunting to cloths, food, ambience and programs, we gave supports that were necessary effectively and efficiently. And we will keep this stance for the coming events. 


Q. Tell us about the Korean dancers tournament for the World Final France.

Sam Yoon. If the dance competition last month embraced all types of dances like break, poppin, house, rocking and such, the World Final France is focused on the break so the tournament will also focus on finding excellent Korean break dancers. 



B.DREAMs TOO FREE TWO WILD was sponsored by Kolon Sporex, Ocean Star Resort, +82GALLERY, Ret Games and JNB. 

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