From dark brain to peace brain!

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▲ doTERRA Body Heal / Director Oksoon Song


Soonok Song, Director of Healing Boom, has 30 years of experience as a natural healing therapist, a meditator, a yogi, a brain meditation instructor and an energy healer. Below is an interview with her.



Q. What is Healing Boom?

Song. It is a therapy brand that heals body and mind of people suffered from stress, obesity, rare diseases, virus, fine dust and harmful substances. Natural aroma essential oil therapy especially is my flagship method that is applied alongside intensive care case by case and an energy healing. 


Q. You have 30 years of experience in many therapies. 

Song. I gained a realization and received a psychic ability from the heaven through Sundo and brain meditation. I then decided to work for myself, Koreans and the people of the world with my pure heart and love by delivering the heaven’s way and method to them. My brain then open wide and I can be able to use the abilities I want. It is my goal to benefit tired people and earth and this goal is the power that I have walked a single path for the last 30 years.



Q. What kind of people do you think should visit doTERRA Body Heal?

Song. People who want to regain a bright life and a beautiful life. It will be even better if they are willing to take environment of earth seriously and to be the stars of humanitarianism and the world of reason. 


Q. What do you think is the keyword when it comes to health?

Song. It is very important for us to relax in order to keep health of our body. In other words, easing tension is but a healing. Easing makes blood and energy in our body flow and circulate like a river runs through.



Q. How can we relax?

Song. I recommend 1) looking at the air without thinking 2) smile 3) feel the tip of your nose without thinking 4) try not to think. One thing we must not do is closing our mouth firm and tighten stomach at the same time. This will give tension rather than relaxation. 



Q. Tell us a memorable therapy session.

Song. I remember a high school student. She had difficulty of breathing, pain in the chest and struggled to memorize English vocabulary. She visited here and there to improve the symptoms but failed all. When she came to me, I applied an energy healing. After some time, she said that she could breathe much better. I reckon she had suffered from a disease which normally was hard to define since a child. She had too much stressed from the pressure of studying I guess. It turned out that the whole family suffered from depression and were taking medicine. The student quit the medicine and she and her parents are having a therapy session with me now. 


Q. Lastly, give us some tips on keeping good health.

Song. It is important to remember the principle of ‘from dark brain to peace brain’. Keeping peaceful brain is keeping good health. 

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