“CheonBooKyung is a sacred book of people” Professor Yuhee Kim gives presentation on CheonBooKyung at 2022 Daehan International Academic Cultural Festival

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Future Heritage Forum

Established in 2013, Daehansarang is a non-profit organization that finds lost history and culture of Korea and to pioneer a road for a bright future. The organization is running 103 branches homeland and 16 branches overseas. It held the 2022 Daehan International Academic Cultural Festival last month to break the concept of the colonial histories of Japan and to counteract China’s Northeast Project. 50 papers in 4 categories including Gaya-Mimana and Northeast Project and Culture Project were presented at the festival. On the 4th day (23rd), a presentation was held at the Daejeon STB Sangsaeng Broadcasting main hall. Hosted by Ph.D. Jeongsang Noh of the Sangsaeng Culture Research Center, professor Yuhee Kim gave a presentation on comparative papers between CheonBooKyung of Chiwon Choe and of Jaesang Park, and professor Hyungdong Kim joined as a debater. 

What does CheonBooKyung tell?

Professor Yuhee Kim has studied the book for 27 years. “I advise those who study the book to see the forest instead of the trees. The book can help you interpret Juyeok but not the other way round. The book is the oldest sacred book in the world about the sky, the earth and the man. It also is the shortest but it delivers most valuable things we should know.” Hwandan Gogi explains about the book that it is given to the Hongik people who realize a grand dream and ideal of the light of heaven and earth. For this reason, it is also known to be the most difficult book to interpret. (Monk Tanho said “Letters are easy but the metaphor is profound and difficult to understand and it gives people headache. Seunggook Im said “I’ve seen many who emphasize importance of the book but I’ve never seen who explains the book yet.”) CheonBooKyung’s reason of being is at the ethnical reason of being. The race that has their own sacred book are eternal and infinite. Professor Yuhee Kim said that the goal of Hongik people was at the Sungtonggongwan given by God to the three spirits of heaven, earth and man. Kim compared the book with an egg: ‘Ilsimusiil’ and ‘Iljongmujongil’ are the shell, ‘Mujinbon, Budongbon and Bonsimbon’ are the white, and ‘Injoongchunjiil’ is the yellow. Kim said that Jaesang Park expressed more clearly of the book than Chiwon Choe. Kim said “An egg must roll first in order to be a chick. It must go here and there in order not to be rotten. And the number 21 becomes ‘Iljuksipkur’ and ‘Mugoehwasam’. ‘Mujinbon, Budongbon and Bonsimbon’ of the white breaks out the shell with bright lights and a new life of ‘Sininhapil’ is born (Injoongchunjiil). The real intention is more important than anything else in the book.” Professor Hyungdong Kim said “Kim explained easily of the book that symbolizes letters. It is our goal to study the book to benefit human beings through becoming one with the wavelength of the heaven. ‘Sky’ is the ideology the gives out in nature and the core of the book is about wonbanggak, heaven earth and man, rock scissors and paper, and you me and us. Remedying the division, confrontation and chaos of our society is rock scissors and paper, and wonbanggak.” Hyungdong Kim added “We must be able to practice the core spirit of CheonBooKyung. Like professor Yuhee Kim compared it with an egg, the circle symbolizes eternity and the white the model. ‘Mujinbon, Budongbon and Bonsimbon’ are the basic spirit and the essence of CheonBooKyung. The essence is to understand order of nature, to know brightness of the sky and to share and practice it.” <PowerKorea>

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