Barodamun wins Kimchi Meal Kit at 2022 Korea Innovation Winner

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Kimchi for Koreans is not just a food but a means of knowing each other in villages and share what they have over a talk. Though the culture seems to have long been gone, we all might feel something is missing if kimchi is not on the dining table and we are proud that the UNESCO designated kimchi as one of its cultural heritages in 2013.


It is true, however, that the increasing number of people living alone in cities and in small families today do not bother making kimchi. Instead, it has brought a boom to the ready made kimchi market. Entrepreneurs quick with trend moved fast to attract these consumers with conveniently and deliciously made Kimchi packs. 


Barodamun is a South Korean kimchi specialist boasting 20 years of passion in nothing but kimchi. When it comes to quality and taste, Barodamun is second to none. Not surprisingly, the cabbages used at Barodamun are picked the best and freshest available in the market at the time of purchase and they mostly come from highlands or Haenam County. 


As to prove it, Barodamum kimchi obtained a Traditional Food Certificate from the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. In order to obtain the certificate, the food must be made mostly with domestically grown ingredients. 


The company’s day-make-day-delivery policy is another factor that makes Barodamun kimchi so fresh. From making in a HACCP certified factory of strictly hygienic rules and temperature control system to ice packaging and X-Ray conveyer belt that finds even a 0.5mm foreign bodies, a pack of Barodamun kimchi guarantees of the arrival at your door with the quality and taste intact. 


Making kimchi needs marinade. It is either dried powder or liquid. The former lacks freshness and the latter limits its life up to 3 weeks. To remedy these shortcomings, Barodamun adds leuconostoc mesenteroides WiKim32 strain into its marinade. As a result, quality consistency, reasonable life span and reduced microorganism are in control.

“What fridge you use at home gives different taste. The leuconostoc mesenteroides WiKim32 strain we add into the marinade keeps consistency in taste not to mention quality.” says the company director Jung JU JIN .

▲ Barodamun / Director Jung JU JIN

The Barodamun kimchi meal kit especially is popular among young consumers as they can make their own kimchi with the all necessary ingredients provided in the kit. All they have to do is mix them up, no hassle. They can make themselves cool and hip at a camping by showing their friends and families making kimchi instantly and have the just made kimchi as a side to their main dish.


“It is our goal to spread our unique ‘make your own kimchi with Barodamun’ marketing not only in the nation but worldwide so that more people can have a fun time making kimchi.” says Jeong. 


Barodamun won Kimchi Meal Kit at the 2022 Korea Innovation Winner. <PowerKorea>

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