Yonsei Rehabilitation Exercise Center wins Rehabilitation Exercises at 2022 Korea Beauty & Health Awards

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▲ Yonsei Rehabilitation Exercise Center / Director Jiwon Seo

Rehabilitation is as important as treatment of illness. A brain injury patient after a medical treatment, for example, can experience various side effects such as muscle stiffness, adhesions in joints and numbness. Laying on the bed for a long time also weakens muscles and joints and makes the patient vulnerable to a minor shock. 


South Korea has long been entered into an aging society and a call for systematic rehabilitation is higher than ever. Experts point out that patients after a treatment of illness should better start rehab exercises in 3 months or less than 6 months. 

However, visiting a rehab center which normally is attached to hospitals is not an easy task for the patients to make since their physical conditions are already weakened. Thus introduced was a home visiting rehab.


Yonsei Rehabilitation Exercise Center is a leading home visiting rehab exercise provider that recently won Rehabilitation Exercises at the 2022 Korea Beauty & Health Awards. 42 of its licensed and experienced rehab trainers are currently helping around 150 to 200 patients in their homes or at the places they wish to receive the services. 

The center’s director and the leader of the expert team Jiwon Seo graduated at Yonsei University with a physical therapy degree and built practical knowledge and experience for 4 years in hospitals. Feeling the need of home visiting rehab during these years, he opened the center.  


“Patients should start rehab exercises ideally within 3 months but no later than 6 months to avoid side effects and worsening the symptoms. The problem is that many of them have difficulty to move around. This was the point I started to feel that something should be done that can make patients convenient. Home is where they feel most comfortable and this also gives psychological stability and bring better results to the rehab.” says Seo.


Among many rehab exercise programs, the center especially boasts expertise in helping patients with brain diseases such as brain lesions, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction, Parkinson’s and multiple system atrophy. Rehab exercises for these patients are very important as they might suffer from multiple side effects such as stiffened muscle, adhesions in joints and numbness otherwise. 


Alongside muscle, core and spine strengthening exercises, the program includes brain exercises, cognitive learning and exercises for dysphrasia as the patients can also suffer from cognitive disorder and dysphrasia. 

The center’s customized programs are not only designed to help adult patients but also the children suffering from cerebral palsy, developmental delay, brain malformations, hydrocephalus and muscle disease at home. The trainers for the children are those who have a license or who completed required training in the field. 


Seo himself takes care of each patient and the guardian (normally family) in the consulting stage and then finds the most effective program and assigns a trainer. Also, the center’s 24/7 response runs consulting, reservation and progress of patients conveniently on calls, texts and kakao talk anytime anywhere.


“I hope the center’s home visiting rehab exercise services will play a role in helping patients find their everyday life as before their illness. I and my expert team at the center are highly motivated to give our knowledge and experience and bring back a better life to them.” says Seo. <PowerKorea>

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