South Korean robot company Tesollo’s Delto Gripper wows industry experts and visitors with its 3 finger 12 DoF technology

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An International Federation of Robotics report in 2019 said that the global robot market was estimated $11.2 billion USD, a 32% increase on previous year. While the world governments are competing to take better positions in this future cash cow, the new South Korean government also pointed out robot, semiconductor and automatic driving as the three core future industries among its 110 tasks to achieve. The Yoon administration targets to put South Korea in the top 3 robot powerhouses in the world. 

Talking of robots, grippers are an important part as they function like our arms and hands. Imagine what we could do without our arms and hands but face myriad limitations and inconveniences in daily life.  

Delto Gripper, introduced by a South Korean robot company Tesollo at the Smart Tech Korea in COEX, Seoul, last month, demonstrated what it takes to be an impressive robot arm and hand with its advanced 3 finger and 12-DoF (Degrees of Freedom) technology.

▲ Tesollo / CEO Youngjin Kim

All 12 joints are modular designed and 4 modules are loaded in each finger to spread the strength evenly to grip things smoothly like our hands. The ‘500Hz response speed’ controls the movement perfectly with firm stability and it only weighs 700g that gives better usability than similar robot arms and hands available. Delto Gripper holds up an object weighing up to 5kg. When using 2 fingers only, the weight limits to 1.5kg. 

Where can we use this Delto Gripper? We can use Delto Gripper to grip an atypical object, to do barista, to give name cards, to open drawers and such at a cafe, lab or factory. The fingers can function separately also: while 2 fingers grab an object, the rest finger can tighten a screw if a screwdriver is attached. 

Tesollo has an advanced technology in motor controllers that sends high precision electric current individually and controls location and speed. The company has succeeded designing and developing many advanced technologies such as high integrated circuit, a SMT chip, a firmware, 5 finger 20 MoF controller, 4 finger 16 MoF motor driver and FPCB-based motor sensing, 2 feet/4 feet 6 MoF walking motor driver and sensing, 16 MoF motor driver hand, 18 MoF moto driver, and 3 MoF soft robot motor controller. Other notable technologies include imbedding, communication protocol, EtherCAT, EtherNET, CAN, CAN FD and RS-485. 

Some of the company’s already commercialized products are smart pen for educational purposes, bluetooth-based smart labeler, golf putter exerciser and a kiosk. 

Delto Gripper comes in two models: professional and basic. With the professional, you can give direct orders to all modules. With the basic, you can do basic control that requires no knowledge of its mechanism. 

“I think our professional and basic Delto Gripper will guide both experts and ordinaries to the world of robot grippers that is growing fast as I has observed from many exhibitions. Tesollo is a company intending to create a future where we leave the simple and repeated labors to robots while we do higher and more valuable things.” says CEO Youngjin Kim. <PowerKorea>

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