Received as a pioneer of convergence medicine, Forest Hospital of Korean Medicine wins 2022 Korea Beauty & Health Awards in hospital category

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Recognized as a pioneer in the field of convergence medicine, Forest Hospital of Korean Medicine won the 2022 Korea Beauty & Health Awards in the hospital category. Following the flagship building in Gwanghwamun, Seoul, the hospital has opened branches in Jamsil, Seoul, and in Bundang, Seongnam recently, thanks to its cutting edge equipment, mold-breaking approach, and effective treatment.


Taking the objective basis and numerical data as the driving force of its integrated R&D Center, the hospital pours a considerable amount of its budgets into convergence medicine especially for those who suffer from cancer. The R&D team makes most of their knowledge and experience in Korean and western medicines in order to bring up the most effective treatment possible to each patient and each case. 


SCI-grade papers are continuously written and published while proven effectiveness of smart Korean medicine are consistently applied for patents. SCI stands for Science Citation Index and is described as the world’s leading journal. 


T.A.F, developed by the hospital director Daeyeon Lee and his team in 2018, especially is a noteworthy achievement. It contains 100% natural medicinal ingredients including honeysuckle, cordyceps and artemisia capillaris that are known to kill cancer cell. The team call this T.A.F ‘a smart Korean medicine’ as it is proven to kill only the cancer cell while does not affect normal cells. FDY003, a main ingredient of T.A.F and its efficacy, safety and stability have been tested, proven and published on the papers. 


“We had a terminal cancer patient whose cancer cell has spread to breast, lung and brain. We decided to use the standard treatment alongside T.A.F and observed that the lung became clean and the brain improved significantly and even the primary cancer made way for a retreat. Another patient had a terminal ovarian cancer. Likewise, we applied T.A.F and observed the size of the cell reduced notably and she could be able to walk. It made both the patient and us overwhelming.” says Lee.

The testing on cells and animals at the hospital goes through HPLC to make sure the medicine is safe to use. HPLC stands for High Performance Liquid Chromatography and it is a technique in analytical chemistry used to separate, identity and quantify each component in a mixture. 


The integrated R&D Center in the hospital is where these testings are made. As its name suggests, the center is equipped with cutting edge research and testing devices and facilities including aseptic process systems. The capability of the center has been well proved by taking a national R&D project managed by the Ministry of Science alongside the National Research Foundation of Korea. 


While T.A.F is making a progress in its application, the extract refining process technique of the hospital proved its excellence in maximizing contents of medicinal properties as well as effectiveness and absorption. The herbal acupuncture of the hospital is but made by this extract refining process technique and it gives from twice up to 5 times better results than similar applications.


Other notable equipment and therapies run by the hospital include the FDA approved BSD-2000, that delivers localized therapeutic heating to solid tumors by applying radio-frequency energy, and the anti-cancer diet program. The diet program in particular is run by veteran chefs in the field teamed up with those who have worked at five star hotels and the Blue House. Naturally, the ingredients of the food are strictly picked up of the freshest and healthiest possible on the market.


“In broads terms, we are one team who share the same values and goals. I’m sure that our mold-breaking approach and effective treatment will write a new history in the book of convergence medicine and we will keep sailing forward.” says Lee.


Forest Hospital of Korean Medicine has received numerous awards including the 2022 Korea Top Awards and the 2022 Korea Innovation Winner. Director Lee himself is listed in the Weekly People’s Intellectuals for Medical Development and in the CEO Awards for Shared Management and Customer Satisfaction. <PowerKorea>

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