Biden, Yoon and Kishida voice strengthened cooperation against North's missile threat and nuclear test

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Biden, Yoon and Kishida voice

strengthened cooperation against

North's missile threat and nuclear test

Biden, Yoon and Kishida voiced together strengthened cooperation amid North Korea's constant missile launch and the impending 7th nuclear test at a meeting held on June 29 local time during the 2022 Madrid Summit. 

Yoon said that the north's nuclear threat made them three work together and the tripartite meeting taking place in 5 years was to strengthen their cooperation for settling down regional and global issues. 

Biden said that the cooperation between the three countries was very important to achieve their shared goals that included complete denuke in the Korean Peninsula and liberal and open Indo-Pacific.

Kishida said that the meeting took place timely and strengthening U.S.-Japan Alliance and cooperation between the three countries were indispensable. He added that in order to strengthen the deterrent force Japan needed to strengthen its defence capacity. 

Regarding Russia's war on Ukraine, Biden said that he would work together with the international society and hold Russia accountable. 

Yoon said that it was meaningful that three leaders sat on the same table and thanked Biden who made the table and delighted to meet Kishida. 

Yoon meets leaders of the world in 16 meetings

During the 2022 Madrid Summit, Yoon engaged in 16 meetings and events with one tripartite meeting with Biden and Kishida and 10 bilateral with presidents or prime minsters of Australia, Holland, France, Poland, EU, Turkey, Denmark, Czech, Canada and UK. He exchanged opinions on cooperation in various sectors including nuclear power, defence, high tech and security. 

Spokesperson Kang said "Most leaders asked Yoon to visit their countries and Yoon asked them back to visit South Korea. Leaders in North and East Europe praised that South Korea's nuclear power, green technology, semiconductor and next generation battery for EV were the top in the world and showed their interest of cooperation."

Spanish businessmen in particular showed their intention to invest in South Korea's renewable energy, environment industry and car parts and some of them suggested joining hands to pioneer markets in the third countries. A businessman pointed out that Yoon is the only president attended on the 2022 Madrid Summit to meet with spanish businessmen.

At a meeting with Koreans in Spain, Spanish Millenium Choir sang <Barley Field>, <Miryang Arirang> and <Our Wish Is Unification> in Korean. Yoon and First Lady and many people were moved to tears. Attended on the day was Eaktai Ahn's third daughter Leonor Ahn. 

First Lady Kim debuted her first global event among First Ladies of the world's leaders attended on the 2022 Madrid Summit. As the last schedule of the visit, 仃Yoon and Kim paid a visit to a Korean food store in Madrid run by a couple of the first generation Korean immigrants. <PowerKorea>

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