If you have not seen new developments on your disease from the hospital, you might want to take a trouble to pay a visit to South Korean acupressure master Yongsik Choi

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▲ Acupressure Master Yongsik Choi

Alternative medicine, or complementary medicine, has been practiced for those who have seen no new developments on their diseases from the hospital. Alternative medicine is often represented by the oriental acupressure and acupuncture and the western chiropractic. 


Acupressure is practiced to flow the blood smooth and by doing that recovers that body from unbalanced flow of energy. Acupressurists assert that diseases come when the blood is not flowing smoothly. In the similar concept, oriental doctors practice cupping to extract the dead blood out of the body. 


South Korean acupressure master Yongsik Choi started the practice from 1989. When he lost sight to retinitis pigmentosa, he felt that his other senses especially the touch of the hands were compensating the lose. He was surprised himself by feeling the flow of blood of other people when touching. From the next year in 1990, he started to see that his extraordinary acupressure ability has a power to heal diseases of people and his name thus started to spread from mouth to mouth. 


Some of the renowned people who saw developments on their diseases after the acupressure include singers Jin Nam and Sungjae Moon and comedians Yongsu Eom, Gyeongrae Lee and Changhoon Lee, human cultural assets number 23 Jeongsook Gang and numerous high government officials. 


Choi’s daughter remembers back the days that people started queueing in front of her house from 5 in the morning until late night to be treated by his father. 


“The heart sends blood to every corner of our body to supply nutrients and oxygen needed for the body to function. It is very important, therefore, for the blood to flow flawlessly as a block can cause abnormality in certain parts of the body. My job as an acupressurist is to find the block and make it flow smoothly again. This method is called ‘blood flow energy method’ and the practice on a regular basis can help recover health again” explains Choi.


The diseases people who experienced improvements after the acupressure of Choi include lung cancer, liver cancer, kidney disease, heart disease, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s. Choi recorded all of his treatment to be used as evidence for the western doctors to see. 

A terminal lung cancer patient, for example, experienced a significant reduce of cancer somatic index and liver somatic index after a number of acupressure from Choi and a third phase prostate cancer patient, for another example, recovered completely with the cancer somatic index reduced to 0.006. 


“In oriental medicine view point, a disease is the result of imbalance of organs in our body. The organs need smooth flow of blood at first hand in order to function normally. In other words, make the blood flow smooth is the key to cure diseases” says Choi.


Choi never studied oriental medicine academically but dug up books himself to get hole necessary knowledge and the principle of the oriental medicine. The more he practiced acupressure by using his extraordinary fingers, the better the treatment and healing he witnessed since losing his sight. 


“I hope my gift of acupressure will help people suffering from pains of diseases but have not seen new developments from the treatment of the hospital. That is all I wish” says Choi. <PowerKorea>

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