Reasonable confidence of your body comes from reasonable exercise of pilates: Pionada Pilates

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Pilates was invented by German born Joseph Pilates. During WWI, he applied the mat exercise to keep the health of prisoners in prison camps which was the start of this core exercise. The famous pilates tool ‘universal reformer’ also came from the device he used. 

It was 2003 pilates was introduced to South Korea and spread fast from the moment celebrities practicing the exercise. Today, you can see at least one pilates center on a street. As the business flourishes, some centers allure people with diet and slim body rather than the original intention of pilates. 

Amid this self-indulgence, Pionada Pilates is sticking to their guns. Instructors must have had experience as physical therapist to be a team member of Pionada Pilates. In order to be a physical therapist, understanding of anatomy and passing the national exam are required. Not only this, all classes are strictly managed by Juyeon Lee, the director instructor and CEO of Pionada Pilates to make sure of the original intention of the exercise. 

▲ Pionada Pilates / CEO Juyeon Lee

Lee used to work at a hospital as a physical therapist and built extensive knowledge and experience in rehabilitation. The core exercise of pilates attracted a great attention from Lee and she shifted her career to pilates instructor through years of training and study. 

“The more I do pilates, the better I feel my body. When the time came that I felt ready to teach my learning and practice to others, I was nervous whether I could make success because business is a different area. But I made myself convinced that as long as I stick to my gun, I could make it. And I proved myself by observing 200 members now” says Lee.


7 years past, Lee still manages each class rather than leave it to individual skills of instructors. She also takes in charge of giving advice to new and regular students and of marketing.

“It is not easy to take in charge of number of works. But in order not to forget where I started, it is necessary for me to do it. Once things get screwed, I know I will likely lose 200 members one by one.”

As part of this effort, Pionada Pilates are partnering with Baekseok University Department of Physical Therapy to collaborate for classes both theory and practice as well as job offer. 

It is notable that fair number of students at Pionada Pilates are people who suffer from physical pain. A 3 month session can make a change to their body depending on person to person and condition to condition according to Lee. 

Classes are one on one or four on one base in order to bring maximum result. Class plan and direction alongside tools and equipment are thoroughly explained, and the program is applied customized person to person in group session. 

“I highly advise group session for family or friends. The bond between them can draw better result and the mood of class gives more vibes.”

“Reasonable confidence of your body comes from reasonable exercise of pilates” is the motto of Pionada Pilates, and Lee and her team guarantee 100% class quality. <PowerKorea> 

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