Boil Labs innovative artificial leg helps triathlete Juyoung Lee complete the full course alongside ordinary runners

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A Ministry of Health and Welfare report says that around 175,000 people have disability of legs or arms of which 97% are acquired. They depend on artificial legs and arms in order to move around. Sadly, many of this device are expensive and most parts had to be imported from overseas up until South Korean artificial leg company Boil Labs made a breakthrough. 


Boil Labs CEO Boil Kim succeeded localizing all parts needed for artificial legs. This means that not only the price has become affordable but they no longer need to wait for a long time for the parts to be arrived from overseas. Naturally, maintenance also is promptly made. 


Wearing an artificial leg can have several inconveniences: wrong size can add pain, most of them still have to depend on crutches and they have to change it on a regular basis. Considering about 1 thousand people suffering from cutting off part of their body every year, systematic support of artificial legs and arms seems to be urgently dealt with. 


Losing part of body can affect emotionally which is natural. But some take courage and overcome the emotional breakdown by challenging something impossible to achieve. At the triathlon event taken place in Daegu last month, Juyoung Lee, who lost a leg to a car accident, completed the full course and touched both fellow competitors and audience alike. 


The game included 1.5km swimming, 40km cycling and 10km marathon and ordinary people also were running alongside. And the artificial leg Lee wore was made and sponsored by Boil Labs. Highly motivated by this, Lee is determined to another one held in Chungju by wearing Boil Labs again.


Apart from the fact that Boil Labs legs are designed and made 100% domestically, they help wearers to move freely even in a violent sport without pain on the joint part. 


The foot, knee and connector work perfectly in harmony like it is a real leg. The multi-axial knee joint responds to each step according to stand phase and swing phase so that it prevents bending of the knee but keep the balance of walk natural. To put it simple, the wearer does not need to worry about awkward walking but walk confidently. 

Boil Labs foot is as functional as the legs. It is designed three rows inner axis with two rows outer axis. Artificial leg wearers tend to direct their legs inner side so that three rows give more flexibility to make a turn easy without falling over, and keep the balance even on a slope. The connector also is designed for the wearer to adjust easily according to the walking pattern up to 10mm in 360 degree. 


Boil Labs obtained 5 patents and a trade mark in all these three parts respectively, and overseas patents and a trade mark are being in the progress at the moment. Since artificial legs and arms are in high demand in South East Asia, Africa and East Europe which take 80% of the market, Boil Labs made a strong presence at an artificial support event held in Libya and Kim took charge in technical training and making in the event.


Devoting 43 years of his life to artificial legs, Kim hopes that his artificial legs will help those who are in need around the world. As part of this effort, he is determined to keep carrying on collaborations and cooperation as well as sponsorship.

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