Farm Connect’s innovative smart farm system and solutions go global over South Korea

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Smart farm, or digital agriculture, is rising fast as a new trend in the industry. It lets farmers control the growing process on smart devices such as smartphones and tablets. As the name ‘smart’ suggests, it sends information on, for examples, temperature and humidity to the farmer remotely without the limit of time and space. 

South Korea’s smart farm, however, is less than 10% compared to 99% in the Netherlands. It is also notable that 55.3% South Korean farmers are over 60. In other words, smart farm, when settled down, can attract young farmers to the industry.

Building a smart farm, it is more important to listen attentively what the farmer actually need and want rather than focus straight to fancy technical show off. And this was the point a South Korean smart farm solutions company Farm Connect started providing its services. 

“Data needs to be accumulated and used to improve the real problems in the field. Our agricultural data analysis system was developed to meet this important purpose. It is designed especially for farmers who have not enough capital to build a smart farm. Based on our calculation, the system can increase productivity by 30%” says Farm Connect CEO Muheon Kim.

The 160 Agricultural Technology Center nationwide is helping financially the farmers who wish to build a smart farm in an effort to spread this future farming technology like the Netherlands. 

“Farm Connet collects each different environment of farms alongside their wants and needs in order to bring optimized smart farm systems. The highly experienced team of Farm Connect makes their difference by advanced agricultural data gathering ability without the facility equipment investment. From the seeding to cultivation, the system monitors and accumulates data from A to Z and sends the information to the farmer in real time.”

▲ Farm Connect / CEO Muheon Kim

In addition, the AI algorithm provides forecast what might happen according to each different crop, its season and market history and trend. By receiving the forecast, the farmer can deliberately delay the harvest by adjusting the temperature to avoid, for example, the price plunge. The system actually predicted the strawberry crisis in January this year before 2 months ago.

“Farm Connet’s deep learning model shows more than 50% accuracy than the data from the Korean Meteorological Administration. This is because we collect the data not only from all parts of the country but also from the sensors we installed in farms nationwide. The data is collected and analyzed every minute and it sends the information to the farmer to adjust temperature, door opening time, etc.”

Farm Connect’s analysis system and solutions are showing off their excellence in the Agricultural Technology Center in Cheongyang County, Buyeo County and Gwangju City at the moment. Cheongyang County introduced Farm Connect for the first time in the nation in 2019 and listed its name in the Excellence Local Government 2021 by the Ministry of the Interior and Safety thanks to the smart farm system.

“We recently signed a deal with the Azerbaijan Ministry of Agriculture to build our analysis system. We expect that our advanced system will increase the local tomato productivity by 30%. Around 4 million out of 10 million people in Azerbaijan are farmers and we are targeting to export our technologies worth 10 million USD next year.” 

Farm Connect is also ambitious to supply its system to around 3,000 farms in South Korea within this year. <PowerKorea> 

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