Art gives us power to carry on: literati painting artist Geumsoon Kim

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▲ Literati Painting Artist Geumsoon Kim

Art has power to move the way we feel about things. Korean literati painting in particular has long been praised as the art of mind as the works reflect mind of the artist. In the same respect, calligraphy influenced students in good ways as the art help them refine their emotions. 

Regretfully, they no long seem to be attracted by the art but make ways for digital gadgets and entertainments overwhelming the smartphones and tablets nowadays. Calligraphy is closely linked to literati painting and it is meaningful for us to stop the digital mind for a while but contemplate on the beauty of this traditional art. 

Literati painting artist Geumsoon Kim made a strong presence as an artist and a judge in numerous exhibitions including the Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, the Korea Literary Painting Grand Exhibition, the Korea Chungsoo Cultural Art Academy and the Jooknong Calligraphy Exhibition of Korea. She also has served a member of board of directors in the Korea Literary Painting Association and the Daegu Fine Arts Association. 

Kim, aka Yeonjeong, has worked as a practical nurse at the Daegu Catholic University Medical Center for a long time. Watching patients who crosses the border of life and death everyday was tough and Kim needed to do something to cool down the tension and the mood. It was the beginning of her taking a brush. 

“A hospital is a place where patients endure pains with a wish for recovery. They all have stories to tell and the doctors, nurses and staff should work with a great sense of responsibility to help them get through the painful time. This makes us burn out sometimes both physically and emotionally. Calligraphy gave me an exist from this fatigue.”

As her skills in calligraphy were getting deepened, she moved onto literati painting and met her life time teacher Yeongsam Moon aka Chungok whom she has shared friendship for around 30 years. 

“I never thought to be doing art not to mention being an artist. Strangely though, the more I spend time in it, the closer it came to me despite even harder effort it required than working at the hospital. I spent many a night and day practicing and preparing exhibitions and I found the charm of the art: the ink reflects my mind of the day as I have to grind it with my own hands and the brush reflects my mood of the day as I have to give strokes. Sometimes, things are not going as I planned. Then I learn to put down the brush and give myself a rest and restart again after sometime.”

She points out her work <chrysanthemum> exhibited at the Korea Chungsoo Calligraphy Exhibition where the former president Geunhye Park visited and left an impression for the work. Kim values bold and liberal touch of brush more than the tradition and the textbook. 

“As a judge of a number of literati painting exhibitions, I see great possibilities from young and new artists. Literati painting reminds people of traditional and of the art for limited number of people. But the works today show bolder and new styles. I think it is important for the artists, appreciators and communities to open heart to the way we see things so that we all have better approach to each other.”

“Having two professions sometimes make her hard, but Kim is determined to carry on her artistic zeal and to challenge for the global stage one day. <PowerKorea>

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