Still using disposable plastic containers in this time of climate change? Introducing the eco-friendly all-in-one multipurpose stainless container production, supply, pickup and washing services: ECO

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▲ ECO P ON / CEO Taehwan Kim

Food delivery industry has enjoyed an unprecedented boom in South Korea thanks to the prolonged social distancing. While restaurant business, food delivery apps and delivery men were throwing a party, however, increasing number of wasted plastic containers are rising a new headache for the government to deal with. The Ministry of Environment is conducting a campaign for using eco-friendly materials instead of plastic bags and disposable products by setting up the whole level shift year in 2030. 

The EU has taken a bolder step in 2022 by baning the 10 disposable products including plastic containers, straws, forks and knives alongside a warning that all plastic package materials will be banned by 2030. The US, Canada, Spain and Taiwan also joined the move by announcing eco-friendly policies. Yet, the use of plastic products in South Korea does not seem to be going down and we should join the move alongside tougher policies and actions.

Like a welcome rain in the drought, a South Korean young entrepreneur Taehwan Kim, CEO of ECO P ON, is creating a fresh ripple in the eco-friendly food container industry with his all-in-one multipurpose stainless container production, supply, pickup and washing services. 

“South Korea might be the second to none when it comes to delivery infrastructure. It makes our life convenient for sure. But passing by the dump sites full of disposable plastic containers made me wonder ‘is it really OK we release this much waste?’ So I started brewing ideas and solutions in seeking of alternative to plastic containers. And I thought if I can provid food container pickup services I can make things better. So I established ECO P ON in 2020” says Kim.

The pickup-friendly stainless food containers are made of 100% high quality domestic materials. They come in customized designs for each different type of food business and also insulated food boxes for safe and hygienic delivery. 

“I have applied for a BM patent and design patent for the containers. ECO P ON guarantees quality, hygiene, safety and design of the containers and it is our business philosophy to satisfy clean environment and customer satisfaction more than to pursue profit.”

The containers can save operation cost by 50% compared to disposable plastic containers according to Kim. What is more, he points out, is that the container delivery boxes boast better insulation and tightness for freshness and neatness of the food during the move.

“You might wonder how to return the containers after finishing your meal. It is as easy as pie: you just put the empty containers into the insulated box provided, scan the QR code of the box and leave it at the outside door. We will pick it up within 3 hours normally but you can extend the pickup time up to 6 hours” explains Kim.

The picked-up containers go through the 6 step washing - sterilization - examination process to be safely and hygienically used again. The washing in particular goes through the ultrasonic wave cleanse - soak cleanse - rough cleanse - high temperature and water pressure cleanse - hot air dry before moving onto to UV-C sterilization and precision examination - vacuum packaging during which 99% of viruses are removed. The delivery, pickup and washing services are free. 

ECO P ON will start its eco-friendly services in July this year from Cheongju City, North Chungcheong Province. If you are running a food delivery business, you might be interested in joining the membership of the services. 

“Starting from Cheongju, I’m ambitious to expand the services to Daejeon, Cheonan and nationwide eventually” determined Kim. <PowerKorea>

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