Does network failure in your work place gives you pain in the ass? Triz Networks’ world’s first network management subscription services will make you focus only on your business!

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▲ Triz Networks / CEO Sungwoo Baek

Network appeared in our life in the 70s. After 50 years, we cannot think of living a day without it. It enabled us to work without the limit of time and space to do trade and personal matters. As network has gone many breakthroughs, the management and maintenance of network plays as important as network itself because most business environments are closely linked each other domestically and globally. 


A single problem of a network can affect the overall networks. The more technology advanced, the less people seem to be able to follow up the speed of it. Observing the shift and the need with keen eye, a South Korean network management solutions group Triz Networks is providing integrated services embracing data, network and AI for hassle-free maintenance.


The engineers at Triz Networks boast near 20 years of experience in the field and no less than 10 years at the least. Their capabilities, emphasizes Sungwoo Baek, CEO of Triz Networks, are second to none in the world. The company’s AI&Data Analytics technology is an AI-based wire/wireless network failure analysis technology. It analyzes data and learns itself through machine learning AI to visualize invisible failure inside the network for prevention and solutions. 


SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide-Area Network) links wideband internet with private to provide virtualized resources to the wide area networks; it processes the network traffics more efficiently than the existing network router. As long as it supports protocols or API, it can give integrated management to the network that can save time and cost in programing and automation. 

SD-LAN (Software-Defined Local Access Network) also provides same advantages of SD-WAN in terms of applicability, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, wire/wireless access and network expansion. 


Apart from SD-WAN and SD-LAN technologies, Triz Networks boasts various cutting edge technologies relating to IOP, app platform, and WhiteBox-based wire/wireless network OS development technology NOS. 

Most information today is stored as data and the data is exchanged through network. Exchanging data digitally can reduce error of human hands and eyes and it crosses the time and apace. One draw back, like above mentioned however, is that a problem on a network can affect the work and other networks also. And this is the reason that management of network is as important as network itself. 


“I received many complaints about difficulty of managing or repairing the network from the persons in charge. I realized that it is not the point that we, the experts, make the operation hassle but easier because not everyone is expert in the field. Our subscription services have made it easier than ever as the client can receive only the necessary part and period without hiring expensive manpower only to manage the network. Our teams are always ready to act immediately on receiving a call from our clients.” says Baek.

Triz Networks’ hassle-free services are being widely used and demanded not only from companies but also schools and hotels. A considerable number of schools nationwide from elementary to high are using excellent Trize Networks services. 


“As far as I know, we are the pioneer of providing network management subscription services in the world. As the market is blue ocean, we will push forward our global ambition through tireless passion and more upgraded technologies and services” says Baek. <PowerKorea> 

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