South Korean floating solar panel underwater electric cable specialist BS Tech expands its scope of technology to EV Charging system

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South Korea’s new renewable energy generation was 5.6% in 2017 and 7.5% in 2021. 1.9% can be a meaningful jump but rather regretful considering the time and cost poured by the Moon government. There are many types of renewable energy but sunlight undoubtedly is most familiar with us. 


Solar panels normally were installed on patches of land or hillside of mountain. Recent trend however shows that it is expanding to rooftop of buildings and houses and on the water installations such as reservoirs and dams. The solar panels on Hapcheon Dam built by Hanwha Q Cells is a good example. 


Installing solar panels involves electric work and BS Tech was the one who took in charge of the work for the Hapcheon Dam floating solar panels in 2012 which is the first time in its type in the world. Starting with 0.5MW generation capacity in 2012, it is now generating 41MW as of November 2021. 


BS Tech

BS Tech boasts more than 16 years of knowhow and experience in the field and has carried out numberous notable projects successfully. Turned into a corporation in 2017, the company is now providing all-in-one services that cover licensing, installation and operation from the team of experts in engineering, structure, foundation and electric works. From floating panels to rooftop and farming type, the team builds a perfect solar energy generating system.


Underwater Electric Cable for Floating Solar Panels

Floating type requires high level of skills and experience as the system must send energy to reach inverters of the mainland electric rooms through under water DC cable. The cables at Hapcheon Dam was 900 meter short to 1.5km long and CEO Hankil Choi and Director Gyuyeol Lee of BS Tech proved their capabilities by successfully installing the underwater cables. 

As a result, BS Tech is to join hands again with Hanwha Q Cells this July to carry out the secondary floating solar panel project on Goheung Bay. Combining the initial 43MW and the secondary 20MW, the floating solar panels are expected to generate 63MW in total of which BS Tech is to take in charge of laying underwater cables that should generate 28MW in total. 

▲ BS Tech / CEO Hankil Choi

Customized Buoy That Holds Panels on Water

Apart from cables, buoy is one of the must needed device to stabilize the panels as the water is moving constantly especially in bad weather. Knowing the underwater cable for floating solar panels more than anyone else, BS Tech developed its own customized buoy that goes well with the underwater cables. The buoy is made of eco-friendly plastic materials and is designed for the structure to be attached on top of the buoy. The blow-type buoy also improved durability which otherwise were vulnerable in the joint due to expansion and shrinking between winter and spring in which the water repeats frozen and defrozen. 


Farming Type Solar Panels

The 5 meter tall farming type solar panels of BS Tech is made of hot dip and PosMAC structure. It endures high wind and speed and is designed for farmers to cultivate crops while also generate power for extra income. The panels are assembled on the ground and lifted the whole frame to seat on the 5 meter high. Compared to existing methods, this method saves a significant amount of time, labor and cost. 


EV Charging

BS Tech is working on EV Chaging system from the power generated from solar panels. With rapidly increasing EVs in the nation, charging infrastructure is needed more than ever to meet the market demand and to quick charge and drive. It is coincided with the government plan of building Energy Superstation that will embrace sola panels, fuel cells and chargers. 

“We have a great opportunity ahead to grow as a renewable energy company and we are determined to make it happen” says Choi. <PowerKorea>

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