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▲ International Metaverse Training Agency / Director Hosung Kim

Metaverse is one of the frequently used words on the media now. While many countries are promoting this fast rising market for a future cash cow, South Korean Economy and Finance Ministry also has announced to pour 556 billion won ($452 million) in the sector with a goal of 5th global market share by 2026. Naturally, ambitious entrepreneurs are setting up businesses and investors who have an eye to read the fast changing market also putting sums of money in the field. 

Metaverse is a compound word of meta and universe. It is a three dimensional virtual world where economic, social and cultural activities are made and traded. According to a German global market research company Statista, the metaverse market was estimated around $30.7 billion last year and will reach to $296.9 billion by 2024 with greater influence to many areas of our lives. 

Hosung Kim, Director of International Metavers Training Agency, explains metaverse as follows: 

We can make our avatars in metaverse like we did in Cyworld back in the days. We can live in that world like we live in real life here and do economic, social and cultural activities and trades. Some of the well known metaverse platforms running at the moment are Zepeto,, ifland and Roblox. They are built and operated based on AI and digital technologies. Many experts in the field are making profits from metaverse and considering increasing interest of major companies indicate that the market has a hug potential to grow. In metaverse worlds, technologies like augmented reality, life logging (logging daily life like Facebook, Instagram and Kakaostory), mirror worlds (delivery apps like Coupang and Baemin), and virtual worlds (personification of oneself in virtual worlds) are used.

International Metaverse Training Agency is running metaverse courses including two certificate courses: metaverse platform certificate course and metaverse instructor course. 

"The two certificate courses are designed for beginners and the experience alike to easily build their knowledge and practice through down to earth curriculum. We believe that everybody can be metaverse experts by following our programs step by step. The courses cover technologies used at Zepeto,, ifland and Roblox. Another good course is NFT market analysis and investment designed specifically for NFT" says Kim.

"Zepeto is an app developed by SNOW, an affiliate of Naver and around 2.3 billion people are using it and more than 150 creators are engaging in various activities in Zepeto. It is notable that many influencers tend to use Zepeto instead of Facebook and Instragram. One of good things about Zepeto is that it provides 3D items developing tools so that everybody can create their own items to sell such as hats, shoes and clothes. The courses at International Metaverse Training Agency will guide students through how to create these items and sell.", on the other hand, is a metaverse-based video conference platform that covers from meetings and events to sharing documents and club activities. International Metaverse Training Agency also provides practical knowledge and skilled for PPT, meetings, map design, office room, cafes and resting areas, games, etc. masters can make profits by making and selling high quality maps through renting and customized design services. 

Another advantage of learning metaverse at International Metaverse Training Agency is that it provides in-depth market analysis and trend for NFT, how to make profits from it, how to forecast the market and how to lead the trend. 

"Because NFT cannot be forged or altered and copyright protected, it has brought huge profits to artists, celebrities and those who have rareness. Talking of rareness, each individual also has that value and International Metaverse Training Agency is helping them how to research, find, register, release and manage their NFT."

Kim adds "Metaverse is already happening. New opportunities are open to all. The goal of International Metaverse Training Agency is to foster talented future metaverse experts who are equipped with high level of knowledge and techniques in the field." <PowerKorea>

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